Thirty Years of Dot Com

On Episode 259 of The Waves of Tech, we again reignite the battle brewing between the new media outlets and the traditional media giants.  In this case, Whalerock Industries is making a major push in the new media industry by creating individualized web-based channels for brands and celebrities.  Making their way into the news again is Amazon, where the future of drone delivery is still not dead.  We conclude the show with some news on Office for Mac 2016 and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the dot com.  Enjoy and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Whalerock Industries

A former ABC and Yahoo senior executive is going all-in with his media company, Whalerock Industries.  Already host to several successful platforms, Whalerock is in process of creating web-based app channels for celebrities to share premium content, such as videos, photos, interviews, and behind the scenes information.  With a focus on capturing the personalities of Howard Stern, Kim Kardashian, and a few famous rap artists, the cards may fall into place for Whalerock.  New media vs. Traditional media – let the battle continue!

Amazon drones back in the news

Amazon always seems to creep it’s way into our podcast.  We could have a show on the network dedicated to Amazon.  Anyway, drone delivery is back in the news.  Following a draft set of FCC regulations that brought into question the future of drone delivery, more news brought the idea back to life.  The FCC has been working alongside NASA to create an automated drone management system, not reliant on the traditional air traffic control systems.  With many unknowns, we speculate a little bit more on the drone dream of Amazon.

Building Material Market Place ( is designed for companies to showcase their products to other manufacturers/retailers/distributors; and meet customers in different parts of the United States and other parts of the world.  Manufacturers/retailers/distributors are free to interact any way they wish and BMMP makes no money off the sale or purchase of your product!  What we do is offer a way to meet new contacts, showcasing your products or services in an interactive website where you can create your own catalog, advertise your products, run sales, clearance items and source new products.  View their full range of services  or call Phone: (530) 591-2794 to find out more.  Be sure and tell them set you.

Office for Mac 2016

Users of Office for Mac haven’t seen an update to the software since early 2011.  We’d say it is about time Microsoft and Apple worked something out and they have.  In mid-2015, Office for Mac 2016 will be available for users to download and use.  Users can download a Preview Version of the software by clicking right here.  One major element that users can expect is cloud connectivity with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint.

30 years of .com

In an age where dot com is such common place, a day in day out use at this point, it is strange to think to think of a world without them.  Believe it or not, there was.  The dot com celebrated it’s 30th birthday this week.  What started with merely few registered domains has erupted into billions of registered and unique dot coms, dot edus, and dot nets, to name a few.  Join the conversation as we venture back in time and relive the history.


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