Those fighting words and the wife says no

This week’s Waves of Tech takes a slightly different approach than previous weeks. Less news talk and more discussion on real tech issues as it pertains to us all! We discuss a range of topics: Apple & Amazon meet in the courtroom, iOS 4.3 failures, those pesky & ridiculous ATM Fees, Drunk Driving Apps, and the future alternative energy-based uniforms. Emotions rise, discussion is plentiful, and we talk tech as it relates to you, your family, your safety, and your finances. It’s time to ride…the Waves of Tech.

Show Notes

1.App store battle

The big question out there is “Who owns the naming rights to the App Store?” This question has led Apple and Amazon into a courtroom battle over the use of the term. Microsoft has offered there opinion as well. Now, we weight in and tell you what we think of the whole situation.

2.iOS 4.3.1
Apple sent an early release of iOS 4.3 and of course there are some flaws. Steve mentioned that his battery life is absolutely horrible, having to recharge once to twice in a single. Reports are saying that some apps are inoperable. Apple is now set to release iOS 4.3.1 “very soon.”

3.ATM Fees
If this story doesn’t drive you insane…it should. Charging ATM fees to customers and non-customers is a $2 billion industry. The likes of Chase, PNC Bank, Citi, and TD Bank are padding the profit lines with “convenience fees” and there are reports that Chase is moving to a $5 fee per transaction. We get heated on the issue.

4.Solar Soldier
This is one of the coolest things we have seen in recent memory. The British are currently testing a new camouflage uniform that has integrated solar photovoltaic cells into the uniform fabric and would also utilize thermoelectric energy to power various pieces of equipment. Tune in! This is awesome.

5. Drunk driving apps
Sometimes technology is used in such a wrong manner and this is blatantly obvious. There are some new apps available that can now alert drunk drivers to the various DUI Checkpoints around town thus encouraging the act of drunk driving and endangering the lives of so many others.

6. The wife says no
Tune into the funniest tech story of the week, complements of Apple
Husband “Wife says NO!” Apple “Apple says YES!”

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