Throttling Data Plans, GoSoapBox, And Street View For Rivers

Welcome in to another tech-filled episode of Waves of Tech. This week on EP124 the entire crew is reunited! We bring you conversation ranging from the cell phone industry to confusion in the classroom to mapping the streams and rivers across America. Join the conversation every Wednesday, 6PM PST at Join the chat room and listen to the show live.

AT&T Cell Phone Data
How long does a usual web page on your smartphone usually take to load? Three seconds, five seconds, seven seconds… What if it took nearly two minutes to load because your cell carrier started throttling your data usage!?!? This happened to an individual in Orange County, California and practically seized his business operations for two weeks. With this action, AT&T is no longer simply throttling for the sake of throttling. They are single-handed disturbing the financial aspect of people’s lives. More importantly, they are setting a standard that consumers are having an unreal experience when it comes to control their data and their content. This opens the door for other cell providers to follow suit. Get our thoughts here.

New App Tells When Students Are
We’ve all sat in a classroom or a training session, with that look of absolute confusion clearly across our face. We’ve all been there when you really want to ask a question but don’t know if the timing of your question is quite right or if your question may throw the conversation in another direction. Now for teachers and students, GoSoapBox can be used. The platform allows for audience questions, dynamic discussions, a confusion barometer, and even more features. This is a nice platform for bringing participation to a lecture and quickly assessing competency on a subject. In the enterprise, business, and government sectors, GoSoapBox has some solid value. Check out the service at

A Street View For Rivers
One surfer from the southern California beaches of San Diego has set out to achieve a single goal – map all the rivers and streams of America. Yes, that’s right. Do for rivers, streams, and waterways that Google has done to streets and neighbors across America. This started as a response to Jared Criscuolo getting sick after a morning surf session. So, with the help of the United States Geological Survey, Clif Bar Family Foundation, and the Environmental Protection Agency, he has begun The Riverview Project, a system that “will be used for tracking paddling, fishing and camping routes, and as a policy and environmental protection tool.” This is an amazing bridge of technology, the environment, the outdoors, and a community of individuals.


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