Ticketed For Wearing Google Glass And Show 200 Celebration

This week on The Waves of Tech 200, we celebrate a milestone and recap the beginnings of this podcast.  Thanks for being a part of this podcast and for the continued support through the years.  This week, we talk about people utilizing Instagram to sell firearms and how drivers are being ticketed for wearing Google Glass while driving.  We round out the show by saying thank you for being a part of Episode 200 and provide some insight to the evolution of the podcast.  Tune in and you just might give yourself the opportunity to win some great giveaway prizes on The Waves of Tech.

Using Instagram to sell guns

We have seen how successful Instagram has been used to sell jewelry, arts, and drawings.  A new trend hitting the photo-sharing platform is selling firearms.  It makes sense and is making people some good money as well.

Driver ticketed for wearing Google Glass

Recently, a woman in San Diego was pulled over and in the process was cited for wearing Google Glass.  She was cited for a violation similar to being occupied behind the wheel by a TV screen or video.

Katy Perry passes Justin Bieber as most popular person on Twitter

For the time it takes you to read this blurb, we have probably already finished the conversation on the podcast.

Waves of Tech Show 200

With Episode 200 being such a milestone for the show and the network, we thought we could take a quick trip down memory lane and share some stories as to the start of The Waves of Tech and say a few Thank Yous as well.  Without the constant support of you, the listener, the show would be nothing.  Thanks for the support and thanks for getting The Waves of Tech nominated during the 9th Annual Podcast Awards.  Thanks to everyone that sent us a congratulatory message.  You guys are awesome!!  Be sure to tune in as we have some great giveaways!!  Just follow the rules and you can get yourself a sweet prize from the family.

Special Note:  Thank you to Rick Limpert and the Examiner for this article on The Waves of Tech.

Messages from listeners

Jim Meeker:  “My time with Waves of Tech was one of the happiest times of my life.  Working with Steve and Dave was like getting together with your best friends to catch up on what’s going on in the tech world. Congratulations  and Waves of Tech!”  I miss both of you tremendously and wish you the best.

Mike Swartz:  Congrats on your 200th episode! You’ve come a long way since the Desert Wheels and Edwards! Good job!

Dan Fugate:  Congratulations to the whole team! Wow, 200 episodes. You have come a long way, and I’m sure you’ve got plenty more tech talk in you. Keep it up.

Andy Kossowski:  Congratulations from all of Latin America.

Busy Ladies:  We are so excited that you have your 200th show. Congratulations on doing a fantastic job!!! You guys rock!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Nicholas and John Hanlon:  Congratulations Waves Of Tech on 200 episodes! Miss talking to you guys all the time. But we still try to catch an episode whenever we can. We also wanted to congratulate you guys on becoming a finalist in the podcast awards. Looking forward to the next 200! Congrats again, John and Nicholas from the retired Google at a Glance podcast.

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