Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications Merger

On Episode 267 of The Waves of Tech, we are discussing the big tech news from this week, which includes mergers, buyouts, and security breaches.  The news surrounding the merger of Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications was predicted by many after the FCC shot down the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger.  In addition to that, Charter will be buying the smaller Bright House Networks.  The IRS system was hacked, leaving many questions for the over 100,000 people that had information stolen.  And finally, hoverboards are making news and breaking world records!  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

We here at Modern Life Podcast Network would like to welcome Mike Dell to the network.  Mike has been podcasting for many years and is a tremendous asset in the industry.  His newest podcasting adventure, Podcast Help Desk, has reached 50 episodes and focuses on podcasting tips and tricks, the art of podcasting, and headlines in the industry.  Mike Dell – Podcast Help Desk

Memorial Day and World War II footage in HD

World War II footage has a very specific image and visual appeal.  Much of the footage and film from the 1940s in grainy, black and white, somewhat distorted, and choppy.  Through the evolution of technology, plenty of that footage has been digitally remastered and enhanced to bring a new visual appeal.  Check out the Memorial Day and World War II footage in high definition (HD) on The History Channel and Netlfix.

Charter to buy Bright House and merge with Time Warner Cable

Charter communications became a household name overnight.  The cable and Internet service provider currently has a customer base of 4.1 million and 4.8 million, respectively.  With the potential merger with Time Warner Cable and the purchase of Bright House, this pushes Charter into the number two position in relationship to the number of customers, nearing the 24 million mark in 41 states.  Charter is emphasizing a push to improve public WiFi spots and provide sharper and better quality services to small and medium sized businesses.  Time will tell as to the benefits you and I as consumers will see.

US IRS hacked

Well, no one’s system is ever safe…even if you’re the IRS and the Federal government.  If anything, these systems would be main targets for hackers and thieves as there is a plethora of personal information on tax returns.  In essence, our entire life and identity is presented on tax forms.  The IRS announced that over 100,000 IRS records were stolen during a breach of their “Get Transcript” service.  Very little detail has been shared with the public, other than the quantity and scale of the hackers attempts.

Hoverboard record

In an amazing story of innovation, a Canadian man is now the proud owner of a new world record for distance traveled on a hoverboard.  How amazing is this!!??  We know that Marty McFly would be proud.  The man traveled over 50 meters through the air, riding about 5 meters above the surface of the water.  The gentlemen spent over one year designing and testing the hoverboard.  Congrats on the world record and successful run.  We wonder what is next…

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