Top Tech Cities & Why They Thrive; Walmart Expands Grocery Delivery with Uber.

UBER WalmartOn Episode 367 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into a wide variety of tech topics to feed your tech craving.  The Texas hurricane tragedy is bringing out the best and the worst of people.  Some are rescuing strangers, while others are playing on tragedy with tech-based hoaxes.  After our trip to Podcast Movement last week, a premier podcasters conference, we share the technological elements that made the conference excel and succeed.  We breakdown the top tech cities in the United States, explain why they thrive, and share the tech industry that the city is focused and built upon.  Finally, Walmart is partnering with Uber to expand their suburban grocery delivery service as they position themselves to compete with Amazon.  Thanks for tuning in!  The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Houston Hurricane Tragedy & Terrible Tech Hoaxes

With the hurricane events and tragedy in Houston right now, we at The Waves of Tech are sending our thoughts and prayers.  As the community unites to rescue and house people, there are those that are creating tech-based hoaxes and causing more harm.

  • Some terrible people are creating hoaxes and false news in the area
  • 9-1-1 callers are waiting 45-minute for a response, creating an issue for rescue
  • Emergency personnel and government agencies are finding ways to communicate
  • Opening Twitter DMs and posting emergency information is the default method now

Podcast Movement Proves Beneficial & Tech Influences

We attended Podcast Movement – the premier podcasters conference in the United States – in Anaheim, California last week.  Aside from learning more and more about the podcasting industry, we noticed some unique technological elements to the venue and conference.

  • The conference app provided several new aspects that added value to attendees
  • Social stream, direct messaging, attendee bios, speaker schedule were available
  • Whereas many conference have lacking WiFi capabilities, the event’s was excellent
  • The elevators had no buttons in the unit; a lobby keypad was the primary mechanism

The Top Tech Cities in USA – What Makes a City Thrive & Grow

Business Insider teamed with 2thinknow, a consulting and research firm, to analyze the most high tech cities across the United States.  A range of factors were analyzed – the number of patents filed per capita, innovative startups, tech venture capitalists, and smartphone use.

  • Each city has their unique tech focus based on location and culture
  • Philadelphia has a uniquely high number of venture capitalist firms per capita
  • Phoenix is thriving with software development and product manufacturing
  • Miami has a large number of internationally focused tech firms
  • Boston is trending in robotics, artificial intelligence, and biotech

Expansion of Grocery Delivery & Walmart’s Suburban Push with Uber

Walmart is set to expand their grocery delivery service with a partnership with the ride sharing giant Uber.  As Amazon attempts to manipulate the grocery market, Walmart is trying to edge into the profits sooner than later.  The suburban grocery delivery can be very profitable.

  • Denver, San Jose, Tampa, Phoenix, Dallas, Orlando are the current marketplaces
  • Walmart has nearly 900 locations with grocery pick-up, a very successful program
  • The movement from pick-up to delivery may be an easier sell for existing customers
  • Deliver will include an additional fee of $10 per service, with a $30 minimum purchase


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