Top Tech Stories of 2013

With the end of 2013 here, we recap the top tech stories of 2013 and so much more on this week’s The Waves of Tech.  Some of the top stories include Twitter going public, an increase in crowdfunding, Blackberry’s demise, NSA scandals, and the health-care website debacle.  We also add some discussion on technology in the classroom, Christmas shopping issues, and New Media Expo.  Enjoy the podcast and we will see some of you at New Media Expo in Las Vegas.

New Media Expo
We are heading to Las Vegas on Saturday to attend New Media Expo and The Podcast Awards.  The Waves of Tech is a finalist this year in the Technology Category.  Look for the tweets as the awards ceremony will be streamed live from Las Vegas.

Looking for podcasters
In 2014, is planning to add to our podcast productions by adding a number of new shows and reviving some of our retired shows.  If you have interest in joining the podcast community, hit us up.  And to our subscribers, look for new content around the new year.

Xmas Shipping Issues
If you followed the news around the holidays, we heard that Amazon, FedEx, UPS, and 1-800-Flowers has some big issues with delivering packages on time.  With a major increase in online purchases, the logistics and delivery systems were log-jammed to the point where some packages were not delivered on time.  What was the response of the online and delivery companies? Listen in and hear the details.

Tim Cook $4 million pay cut
The rise and fall of stock prices influences the rise and fall of Tim Cook’s salary.  The Apple CEO is taking a $4M pay cut as a result of lackluster gains in the stock price of the company.  The 10% pay cut is coming in the form a stock grants, meanwhile taking home a base rate of $1.4M salary and $2.8 in salary bonus.  This may set a trend toward compensation based on performance in the halls of Apple.


Top Tech Stories of 2013
Twitter goes public; Google Glass aims to change computing; Blackberry’s failures; Crowdfunding explosion – Kickstarter, Indiegogo; Zuckerberg admits Facebook does a lousy job making changes; Big Brother meets Big Data – NSA (Public trust); Affordable health care web site implementation; What will happen to Microsoft?

Archbishop Stepinac High School – All Digital Textbooks
The educational system is slowly evolving with the implementation and management of technology in the classroom and at the district level.  Archbishop Stepinac HS, an all boys high school in New York, has taking the leap and transitioned to all digital textbooks for a mere cost of $1M.  The school built the infrastructure, improves connectivity, implemented control measures, and manage the library of digital books.  Students love the move citing lighter backpacks and better educational engagement. Parents love the move because the move to digital has decreases textbook costs by over 60%.  Hear all the advantages, disadvantages, costs, and controls right here.

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