Top Trends of 2016, New Year’s Tech Resolutions, and Tech Challenges in Europe

On Episode 336 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into a brief recap of the top trending topics 2016 and discuss what 2017 may hold for ourselves and business.  Twitter announced their Top 10 hashtags which included the Rio Olympics, US Presidential Election, PokemonGo, the Oscars, and more.  Facebook’s trending topics included international and domestic politics, Black Lives Matter, and Pokemon Go.  In the new year, everyone’s 2017 resolution should include changing passwords and ensuring backup services are in place.  And finally, tech giants in the United States faced several challenges in Europe that will take center stage in 2017.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Twitter and Facebook have released their top trending topics and hashtags of 2016.  The popular events are a true sign of the international state of social media and social discussions.  Each of site’s top trends says a lot about the user and media.  2016 also brought about a record number of hacking and security breaches.

  • Twitter Top 5 – #Rio2016, #Election2016, #PokemonGo, #Euro2016, #Oscars
  • Facebook Top 5 – US Presidential Election, Brazilian Politics, Pokemon Go, Black Lives Matter, Philippine Presidential Election
  • Twitter and Facebook are the primary source of sharing news and social concerns
  • Yahoo announced nearly 1.5 billion accounts hacked and personal information divulged
  • Governmental agencies, private corporations, and enterprise all announced hacks

Every new year, we are often tasked with setting our New Year’s resolutions.  In the name of tech, let’s all focus on a couple items that will keep us safe and stress free in 2017.  Here are some ideas of New Year’s tech resolutions

  • Passwords – Update, change, rotate passwords every three-four months
  • Use services like Dashlane, 1password, Lastpass for password manager
  • Use two-step authentication when available as an additional level of security
  • Backup – Smartphones, personal computers, enterprise systems
  • Use services like Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, iCloud for backup services
  • Purchase external drives and setup backup automation processes

United States tech giants faced several battles in the European Union in 2016 and those battles, both legally and financially, are taking center stage in 2017.  Facebook, Google, Uber, and Amazon face particular challenges to their overall European market.

  • Facebook – Facing concerns over the quantity of personal information collected
  • Google – Lawsuits accused of unfairly favoring its digital services over those of rivals
  • Uber – Determination of being a transportation service or digital platform
  • Amazon – Unfair tax treatment from the authorities in Luxembourg

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