Toshiba Laptops Business And Frances Allen Passes

On Episode 501 of the Waves of Tech, we are covering the tech industry from every angle this week. Amazon is looking to rebound the local mall industry buy leasing empty buildings left behind from former competitors such as Sears and JC Penney. Toshiba is no longer in the laptop business but is proving to be a very profitable and focused company through the industry worldwide. Recent surveying captured the most common tech support issues hitting users today and most are not that surprising. Famed computer scientist Frances Allen passed away at 88 and acknowledging her contributions in parallel computing is necessary.

Amazon Plans Move Into Local Malls

As consumers have swarmed to online shopping, some historic department stores such as Sears and JC Penney could not keep pace with change in behavior. Many consumers made the switch to Amazon or some other retailers for shopping. Now Amazon looks to plan a take over of the vacant department stores at many local malls across the nation.

  • Early plans indicate smaller fulfillment centers or low-cost grocery stores to enter
  • Ongoing lease payments from Amazon may just keep local malls afloat amid fears
  • Local center may quicken the pace of goods pickup and delivery via Amazon
  • The public health pandemic has increased the desire for online shopping

Toshiba Sells Laptop Business, Thrives in Others

It was made public this week that Toshiba sold off the remaining 20% stake in their Dynabook brand to Sharp, a popular home entertainment company. This essentially delists Toshiba from the personal computing and laptop business. Years ago, Toshiba gambled on HD DVD media that set the company back in terms of demand, design, progress, and position.

  • Toshiba thrives in the industry of semiconductor manufacturing & automotive devices
  • Diversified into the energy, retail, POS systems, and digital signage communities
  • Still a major player in printing, storage, hard drives, and business 2 business solutions
  • Once a pillar in the laptop industry is all but focused on other enterprises today

Most Common Support Issues Today

As many people shifted from working in the office to the home, it has become increasingly noticeable of the common technology issues plaguing the workforce. Honestly, some of these are mainstays throughout the year but warrant a conversation. When our devices work, we love them. When they do not, we feel like throwing them out of a ten-story building.

  • Forgotten Passwords (#1) – password resets, and misplaced and non-work passwords
  • Zoom Microphone (#2) – virtual conferencing is not as easy as it sounds for most users
  • Email Management (#3) – how to control, limit, and slow the volume of incoming emails
  • Smart TVs & Units (#4) – getting smart devices to integrate with existing entertainment

Frances Allen, Famed Computer Scientist

Throughout the history of the podcast, we always make it a point to feature the innovators and founding members of the technology industry after their passing. Frances Allen, dying at the age of 88, is nothing short of amazing in her contributions. She was the recipient of the 2008 Touring Award and worked on creating a significantly more efficient computing process.

  • Ms. Allen spent 45 years working at IBM, served as a mentor for women in computing
  • Helped develop the software that ran the Blue Gene supercomputer project
  • Frances led a research team working on the newest concept – parallel computing
  • Her contributions did not go unrecognized in the industry and will not be forgotten

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