Travel Tech Adventures And Arizona’s New Smart City

We are diving into all things tech this week sharing the stories and experiences affected the lives of consumers and users of technology.  We begin by sharing some personal victories and nightmares of travel tech – including cool apps, nightmare customer service with, and traffic camera technology.  Many tech companies and a former CEO, Bill Gates, are investing heavily in a new smart city in Arizona that will be designed from the ground up with high-speed networks, autonomous vehicles, high-speed digital networks, and autonomous logistics hubs, shortened commutes, and safer streets in mind.  And finally, the increase from 140 to 280 characters has some users up in arms and we try to explain what is happening and why.

Travel Tech Adventures with Steve and Dave

Whether you are traveling internationally or domestically, it’s hard to not have technology play a role – for better or for worse.  Steve recently attended the NHRA competitions and dives into some of the advanced technology being used by teams and racers.  Dave and his wife just got back from Portland, which had its fair share of tech adventures.  These include:

  • Dealing with a nightmare, poor customer service, and lessons learned
  • The Mapstr app – an awesome app to share, pinpoint, locate, tag your favorite spots
  • Traffic cameras that allow you to experience why traffic is being delayed in real time
  • Parking meters that send you text confirmations with time stamps and details

From the Ground Up, Tech Giants are Building a Smart City in Arizona

Just outside of Phoenix, the likes of Google, former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, and other tech leaders, are investing heavily in creating a brand new city from the ground up.  This first ever smart city is to be designed high-speed networks, autonomous vehicles, high-speed digital networks, and autonomous logistics hubs.

  • The 21st century city will boast reduced pollution, shortened commutes, safer streets
  • Transportation will be designed around shared electric vehicles, walking and biking
  • Arizona has proven to be a landing home for tech startups and innovation
  • Rebuilding and reimagining how cities are built and designed is exciting and new

What Has Twitter Done – 280 Characters is Just Weird

This time, the rumors became true.  Twitter has officially moved to a character count of 280 that is leaving some in the tech space and many users of the once brevity focused platform frustrated and opinionated.  Other social media apps are proud of unlimited posting capabilities,  Perhaps this is a move to entice other social media users to embrace the often ignored and vilified platform.

  • Twitter may turn its attention to advertisers, allowing for more visible sponsored tweets
  • This is a head scratcher since there is little to no data to support the move from 140.
  • Only 9% of tweets historically reach 140 characters, only 1% of people use 280
  • 280 characters takes away some of its authenticity and its role in social media


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