Travel Tech Hacks And Digital Hotels

Travel Tech HacksOn Episode 315 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into numerous tech topics that influence and impact our lives.  First, we provide a number of travel tech hacks that will reduce the stress of traveling and make the travel experience enjoyable.  Have you heard of Amazon Smile?  It’s an easy way to provide charitable donations during your Amazon shopping addiction!  A judge recently introduced the idea that password sharing, something many of us do, may become criminalized.  And finally, robotic technology is gaining more attention and traction recently.  Find out where robots are popping up and how that changes our daily life.  Enjoy the show and continue to ride…the waves of tech!

Hotels Go Digital

We have the privilege of traveling to Chicago for Podcast Movement 2016.  The three day event was chalked full of keynotes, sessions, hallway conversations, and plenty of food and beer.  During our stay, we noticed the quantity of technology incorporated into the hotel.  There were TVs displaying the daily event schedule, monitors lined the foyer that many watched during breakfast, and every elevator owned a TV to display the event.  The organizers used holograms and lighting to bounce the Podcast Movement logo off the walls and floor.

Tech Travel Hacks

Traveling is difficult so why not let the tech ease some stress.  It’s important to do a few things before traveling – download the hotel (early check-in, location, directions) and airline app (WiFi capabilities, in-flight entertainment, early check-in).  Be sure to check out  This site curates flight data and provides you arrival, departure, and delay information.  If you’re interested in customer driven seat information, check out  This site lets you know the good, the bad, and the ugly seats on a plane, including which ones don’t recline, which ones have less leg room, and which ones are close to the restrooms.  And finally, check out Seat Alert.  If you get stuck with a middle seat or non-reclining seat, be alerted when a good seat opens and swap that seat!

Amazon Smile

Amazon has introduces Smile, a way to turn your purchases into charitable donations.  At, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your qualifiying purchases to a charitable organization of your choice.  Amazon has Spotlight Charities or you can choose the organization of your choice.  Smile is the same Amazon you know – same products, same prices, same service.  We love this idea.  It incorporates our passion for shopping online and provides us a very simple way to contribute to non-profits, schools, and organizations.  Be sure to head to and begin your giving experience.

Sharing a Password May Be A Crime

After leaving his company to seek employment elsewhere, a former employee used his former password to access information and the company’s database.  He used that information at his new firm for sales and connections. His conviction was help up 2-1 in the courts.  The interesting development is the dissenting judge that steered clear of hacking statements and went on a tangent on the crime of password sharing.  The judge has now raised the question and will more than likely introduce a discussion on the legality of password sharing, such as what we do for Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu, and other paid subscription services.

Robots: Helping and Killing

Robotics technology has been around for years.  We have seen robotics and robot units used in the automotive industry, various manufacturing factors, and the textile business.  Well, we are now seeing the influx of robots in the healthcare field in terms of robot nurses providing commands to nursing staff, robotic surgical equipment, and robot presence in the deliver room!  Also, the horrendous attacks in Dallas last week reintroduced the use of robots to kill the shooter and preserve human life.  The use of robots in this situation draws parallels with military drone strikes and other law enforcement tactics.

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