TSA, Tech News and Gaming Meets National Defense

Steve, Dave, and Rick have tons of tech some to cover this week and get it covered in just over 30 minutes! This week’s Waves of Tech show covers the week’s top technology news, a discussion on an app that lets you tell the TSA what you really think, and a conversation on the integration of gaming technology into the national defense industry.

1. Steve outlines this week’s news items with a bit of commentary to back it up. Which of these topics peaked your interest this week and why?

2. Gaming Technology meets National Defense

The gaming industry has truly revolutionized generations of persons. Gaming is pervasive in so many age groups and social sectors – the youth, the college kids, the hardcore fantasy player, the grandfather joining his grandkids, and just the average Joe and Jane. Well now the Pentagon is looking into how movement sensor based gaming technology can be integrated into helicopter cockpits and ground level vehicles. Since this technology is widely distributed and cost effective per capita, it makes financial sense to investigate this technology further.

3.  FlyRights App (Rick’s Article) & The TSA

We’ve all been through the dreaded TSA checkpoints during airplane travel – the wait, the lines, and the unwanted bodily inspections. Every wanted to file a complaint with the TSA for an occurrence but forgot once your travels started. Well, a new app was released this week to help with that. It is called FlyRights and it allows travelers to file complaints against the TSA right at the airport. Be sure to click both links above and get all the details. Our very own co-host Rick wrote about FlyRights only one week ago!


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