Twitch Gaming And Return Of The Dragon

On Episode 499 of the Waves of Tech, we welcome Shannon Bruce to chat about streaming wars, Twitch gaming, voice over work, call center specifics, and the return of Dragon. In 2020, corporations have announced new streaming services with much anticipation and fanfare only to ignite the streaming wars conversation again. Twitch is an ever growing live streaming service which can be used to build community and create a positive outlet for creators and audiences alike. Running a call center is not an easy feat and Shannon provides a behind the scenes look of the difficulties of customer relationships. Lastly, the Dragon capsule is set to return to Earth next week to much fanfare, excitement, and stress.

Special Guest – Shannon Bruce

This week we are joined by Shannon Bruce. He is a tech enthusiast, an avid board gamer, dabbles in voice over work, and managed a call center. We are very excited to have him on the podcast. Shannon streams live on Twitch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:00PM PDT. Be sure to follow him on Twitter, send him a friend request on Facebook, and follow him on Instagram.

Streaming Wars in 2020

The most growing element of the entertainment industry is streaming services. Most major corporations have some type of subscription based service – Disney+, Apple TV+, Peacock, HBO Max, Netflix, Quibi, Pluto TV, Roku Channel, ESPN+, and many more. As the coronavirus hit, it seems like broadcast companies went into overdrive to get eyes on their prizes.

  • Cloud gaming continues to impress with more and more subscribers per quarter
  • Most companies use Netflix, with 183 million customers, as the measuring stick
  • Some argue the industry is becoming saturated, others say consolidation will occur
  • The international growth continues as mobile access and partnerships are formed

Twitch – Live Gaming, Building Community

Shannon has been streaming on Twitch since the middle of 2018 and continues to use the service to build a community and create a positive gaming environment. Twitch is much more than many of us think, as it’s not just for live gaming. Plenty of artists, musicians, and creative persons use the service to connect, to build, and to fellowship.

  • Many creators reinvest affiliate money into other communities to buy merchandise
  • Gamers often take their revenue to enhance the live broadcasting with new resources
  • The website could do a better job to showcase other creators outside of gamers
  • Live streaming is a great way to release the stress of the work day and work week

Behind the Curtain of a Call Center

Shannon provides us with a unique behind the scenes look into what it really looks like to work and manage a call center. His client, which is required to remain confidential, has international offices and is a major player in technology. The nuances of the legalities, responsibilities, and protocols of a call center is beyond anything that we would have thought. Enjoy the talk!

  • Centers has a rigorous quality assurance and review process for their representatives
  • Many of the routine and mundane steps we experience are routed in legal needs
  • Shannon walks us through the very difficult transition from in-office to in-home work
  • Centers can be a frustrating experience but let’s remember to be patient and kind

Return of the Dragon Capsule

When the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket took flight in late May with the Dragon Capsule at top, it was history in the making. The mission is not a complete success until the capsule returns safely back home with Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. Splashdown of the Endeavour is set to occur on August 2 off the Florida coast, either in the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico.

  • Coverage will be on NASA, SpaceX, Discovery Channel, and Science Channel
  • The water landing will be a great accomplishment in the commercial space program
  • Odd that the splashdown, a historic and old tradition, will be the new routine
  • A live farewell message and broadcast will occur on August 1 from the ISS

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