Twitter Customer Service and The Jukebox

Welcome in to Episode 103 of Waves of Tech. We span the tech sector in this week’s podcast. We stretch the topics to include customer service, the tablet market, applications, old school music gone new school, and personal security. First, Dave shares his positive customer service experience with an ISP via Twitter. Have it come to the point where customer service via a social medium is easier than a phone call? We discuss.

Sony has jumped into the table market with some pretty appealing models, S and P. The new tablets will be running Android and range from $500 to $600. The P is particularly interesting in its design, functionality, and appeal. Check out what we have to say. Also, in an attempt to keep their town clean and free of graffiti, a local government has found a cheap, effective way to communicate and report graffiti through a smart phone application. Residents can now simply take a picture of the graffiti and send it in. No phone call. No being placed on hold. Does your local law enforcement have such an app? You may wanna check it out.

Steve brings a bit of nostalgia to the podcast. Remember the days of the classic jukebox? The vinyl, the turntable, the limited selection? In the 21st century, many restaurants and bars now have Internet-based jukeboxes with a near limitless selection of music. Technology has a way of professing around us without us knowing and this is a good case in point. Finally, from a personal security point of view, thieves are now using thermal imaging cameras to steal ATM pin codes. This is a prime example of using a great technology in a perverse way. Again, thanks for the continued support and we hope you enjoy riding…the waves of tech.

1. Twitter & BrightHouse
2. Sony unveils S and P model tablets
3. New app lets residents report graffiti through smart phones
4. Jukebox
5. Thermal Imaging & Hacking ATM Codes


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