Twitter Shakeup And The Dark Side Of Social Media

Twitter Shake UpOn Episode 293 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into the Twitter shakeup, the NFL/Surface controversy, the dark side of social media, and in-car technology.  Twitter has been experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and market share drops, including the departure of four top executives as the social giant continues to unimpress stockholders.  The Microsoft Surface, a solid piece of hardware in the tablet market, received some complaints from broadcasters and coaches during a recent NFL game.  The dark side of social media erupts on Sunday after an NFL kicker missed an extra point, invoking numerous hate tweets and threats toward the player.  And finally, people are slowly changing their priorities when it comes to car buying.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech!

Twitter’s exodus: Four top execs leaving

Four top executives from Twitter are hitting road either for some much needed relaxation or transitioning to another tech competitors.  Since taking over as CEO last June, Jack Dorsey has had a very rough time maintaining peace in the halls of Twitter, appealing to new users, improving the ad revenue, and in general keeping their current use base happy.  Couple these issues with a significant drop in market share, Twitter is not in a very good place right now and that has led to major exits from the social media giant.

Microsoft’s Surface takes a hit during NFL playoff game

In 2013, the NFL and Microsoft partnered at the cost of $400 million.  In lieu of the old binder-and-photo setup the NFL has to review plays, Microsoft Surfaces are now lining the sidelines and used by players and coaches constantly.  Well, when the network system at a stadium isn’t working properly, it makes news and this is what happened recently.  The broadcasters kept saying, “The iPads are not working” and players and coaches grew upset.  As we say, tech happens guys!  The Surface product line is top quality and this is probably not the image Microsoft wants.

Patriots fans and the dark side of social media

Social media is an amazing place, connecting people, brands, products, and communities from around the world.  Sadly, there is a lot of hate on social media and that hate erupted after an NFL kicker missed an extra point in a Sunday NFL playoff game.  Tweets telling the kicker to slit his wrists and tweets saying they hope his children die are just a few of the nasty, disgusting, and disturbing statements made by so called “fans” of the team and players.  Very derogatory statements were hurled at the kicker without hesitation and use of judgment.

In-car technology over performance

As everyone says, times are changing.  In the auto industry, this is exactly the case.  A great survey by Accenture outlines what new car buyers are looking for in their new and future purchases – that being the availability of in-car technology above car performance.  Consumers are looking for connectivity and access to applications, mobile WiFi, and navigation before car performance and gas mileage.  This shifting tide comes as no surprise as our culture of connectivity consumes most of the American culture.


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