Uber And Lyft Lose In Austin

Uber ProtestOn Episode 307 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into the battle surrounding Uber & Lyft in Austin.  Voters took to the booths to vote on whether the ride-hailing companies can operate in their city.  The decision may have some ripple effect through other cities.  Also, The Intern starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway is a good insight into an online startup and what young and older workers bring to the workforce.  A new browser is out, Brave, and it is super fast and removes malvertising that is designed to harm your system and your identity.  Finally, Steve checks in with his latest tech toys – Echo Dot and a new drone.  Thanks for tuning in and continue to ride…the waves of tech.  And don’t forget to Keep on Techin’

Uber & Lyft fight against Fingerprinting and Background Checks

If you are not familiar with how transportation and cab companies work, each driver is put through a fingerprinting and background check process to ensure that the driver has no previous convictions on his/her record.  Their fingerprints are maintained in the FBI database.  Uber and Lyft continue to operate across the nation without these required protocols, leaving just about anyone to drive and harm passengers.  We’ve heard the stories of violence, sexual assault, and false imprisonment.  The residents of Austin stood up to the ride-hailing companies and said we don’t want you in our city.

Uber & Lyft lose campaign in Texas

After spending nearly $8 million dollars battling for a proposal to operate in the City of Austin, Uber and Lyft are no longer providing services in Austin.  Voters, with a vote of 56 Pro and 44 Against, chose to remove the new startups because the company neglected to agree to fingerprinting and basic background checks.  Uber does comply with fingerprinting rules in the cities of Houston and New York City.  Uber claims that people and governments should not apply 19th century regulations to a 21st century technology company.  We say that personal safety, the health and safety of residents, and protection that in vulnerable positions are not 19th century ideals or regulations.  It’s what governments are supposed to do and will continue to do.

The Intern

Dave sat down the other night, turned on the Apple TV, and purchased The Intern.  The Intern is a story of a young CEO (Anne Hathaway) who runs a growing and demanding online clothing site.  The movie gives a glimpse into the hard working, long hours, and stressful decisions of working in the startup industry.  In the movie, the company hires a senior intern (Robert De Niro) to help out the CEO.  As a 70-year old entering the workforce again, he teaches the CEO about decision making, helps in teaching her life lessons, and guides her through tough business and personal decisions.  It’s a great story of a startup and what others can offer if you’re willing to open up.  You may want to listen to Episode 305 where we discuss older workers’ contributions to a new-age workforce.

Brave browser

Head over to brave.com and get the latest in browser technology.  Brave is designed to remove 3rd party advertising and tracking, commonly referred to as malvertising.  Much of the 3rd information on sites are designed to track, capture, and harm your system and of course your privacy and personal information.  Brave also blocks tracking pixels and tracking cookies to improve your browsing speed and protect you from unwarranted and unnecessary attack.  Brave states, “We have a mission to save the web by increasing browsing speed and safety for users, while growing ad revenue share for content creators.”  Check out #BeBraveDay.

Echo Dot received and My Drone

We received some new toys this week – Echo Dot and a drone!  The Echo Dot is the latest in in-home technology from Amazon and is serving as a music medium, an alarm clock, a podcast player, and a weather checker.  Steve breaks down why he decided to pick up a quad-copter drone and what he plans to do with a drone.  And yes, he has already registred the drone with the FAA because that’s what all recreational drone users should be doing!

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