UberEATS Banned from School, Roku’s Smart Home Investment, and Facebook’s News Feed Change

We are back after a brief hiatus!  We dive right into the decision from a high school to ban UberEATS from delivery food to students after it disrupted the classroom setting and created headaches in the office.  Roku announced two new technologies that creates a new whole-home integrated home entertainment ecosystem made up of smart TVs, soundbars, voice assistant, and smart speakers.  Facebook Pixel is causing major headaches for some users and we breakdown what you can do to fight back against advertisements and sponsored posts.  And finally, Facebook has announced a major change to their News Feed function.  The change is being touted as a win for their users but we are less than optimistic about the true end result.


UberEATS Banned From Local High School

When we were in high school, we would have never dreamt of using an app to deliver food to our high school.  While most high schoolers with smartphones and UberEATS in the picture, that’s what’s happening and it is forcing schools to make a decision on allowing food delivery.

  • A local school has banned UberEATS from delivering food on campus
  • Food delivery removes students from classrooms, disrupting the educational setting
  • Uber drivers are being impatient and treating office school staff with disrespect
  • Students and parents are urged to prepare for lunches without to help of UberEATS

Roku Connect & Roku Entertainment Assistant

Roku TV is soon to make a bigger splash in the whole-home entertainment industry.  At CES, Roku introduced Roku Connect, a series of soundbars and speakers, and Roku Entertainment Assistant, optimized voice assisted for home entertainment.  They have partnered with TCL.

  • Roku has designed a one of a kind fully integrated home entertainment network
  • Soundbars, smart speakers, smart TV, wireless connectivity, and speakers
  • Roku TV is partnered with seven OEMs, well positioned to make an immediate impact
  • Roku can continue to focus on their technology while changing the in-home ecosystem

iPhone X and Facebook Pixel

In the world of smartphones and social media, it’s hard to break away from the constant barrage of advertisements, sponsored posts, and timeline manipulation.  Steve shares his story of how his Facebook feed, after purchasing an iPhone X, was inundated with ad after ad and what he did to combat the advertisements.

  • Facebook Pixel is the culprit behind the feed being flooded with unwanted posts
  • Consider adjusting your settings on the desktop and mobile to block ads
  • Users must know what options they have and how to control their personal information

Changes Coming to Your Facebook News Feed

Last week, Facebook announced major changes to the News Feed.  The 2 billion users social media giant has gone on record saying that an imbalance of news articles and marketing is now crowding out the personal moments that connect their users with their friends and family.  Facebook expects people to use their platform less in the near future, hence the change to bring more personal posts to the forefront in attempt to capture their attention.

  • Changes to the algorithm should provide more family and friends posts up front
  • The change is welcomed and warranted, but will it create a better user experience
  • Engagement and returns on advertisers and marketers is expected to trend downward
  • Pessimistic, or less than optimistic, is the phrase that comes to mind


UberEATS Banned at Local High School

Roku’s Smart Home Items

Facebook News Feed Changes

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