Upgrading Your Tech

On Episode 541 of the Waves of Tech, we focus on a number of technology topics. Over this last week, the team has upgraded some outdated technology (desktops and mobile phones) and we share the experiences. It seems that every year there is a major dispute between a broadcast company and cable provider, and the recent spat DISH and Sinclair are having is another headline making story. The technology industry was fundamentally shifted thirty years ago when the first website was launched with the vision of Tim Berners-Lee. A recent report shows that revenue from 5G infrastructure is anticipated to reach over $19 billion globally in the year 2021.

Upgrading Your Tech

Over the past few weeks, we have been combing through our tech gear and bills making some upgrades and lowering the fees.With the purchase of a new 24” iMac, it is replacing a vintage 2010 model. By combining wireless accounts, authorized wireless dealers are handing out huge discounts for trade-ins to get on their networks. Lastly, we take a look at a successful customer service call with DirecTV that resulted in a $50 per month savings.

Carrier Disputes Still Happening

Everything is a negotiation. And when it comes to cable providers and broadcast entities, these negotiations don’t always work out in the customers’ favor. DISH Network is dropping several hundred channels due to a pricing dispute with Sinclair Broadcast Group which will result in large regional impacts to local broadcasting affecting nearly 3.5 million customers. Both parties are publicly blaming the others for unfairly leveraging the power of their media branch.

The World Wide Web – 30 Years Old

August 6, 1991 is a historic day in technology. Tim Berners-Lee, who recently sold the NFT to the world wide web source code and donated profits to charity, launched the first website during his time with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). The web project started in early 1989 when he proposed the idea to his managers and their blessing of his vision has paved the way for innovation and creativity. Happy birthday to the web, a phenomenal item.

Billion in 5G Revenue Anticipated

Every business, wireless service provider, internet service provider, and enterprise is investing heavily in 5G right now. According to Gartner, the estimated revenue from 5G growth is to be roughly $19.1 billion in 2021. That is nearly a $5 billion jump from the end of 2020. There is incredible demand right now for highly optimized connectivity for all devices. United States revenue is growing but China leads the way with $9.1 billion only in 2021 anticipated.


Dish-Sinclair Dispute

The First Website

5G Revenue Growth

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