UPS Follow My Delivery and Windows 10 Promoted Apps

upsOn Episode 308 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into the tech stories that are changing our lives and making headlines.  UPS is launching Follow My Delivery, which will bring us live mapping to track our packages.  Twitter continues to struggle with stock prices, grabbing new users, time in app, and so much more.  We examine why and how.  On the other hand, Facebook continues to gain in popularity and we tell you how much CEO Mark Zuckerberg makes per day.  And finally, Windows 10 is doubling it’s promoted apps in their Anniversary Edition.  Enjoy Episode 308 and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

You can now track your UPS packages live on a map

UPS, the leading a global business trade and international logistics, continues to improve the business of delivery.  They are soon to launch Follow My Delivery, which will provide customers with real-time, live mapping to track the status and location of their packages.  This will prove to be very beneficial so that we don’t receive the dreaded “We Missed You” slip on the front door.  Not only will we save time and effort and resources, we will also be relieved of the stress and waiting for deliveries.  Follow My Delivery is good for individuals and business alike.

Twitter on the brink?

The micro-blogging social media platform is suffering.  Not only is the company continuing to suffer in stock prices, once at $69 per share but now dropping below $14 last week, Twitter is hurting in capturing new users and holding on to current users.  Data shows that number of tweets sent out overall continues to fall…which means less eyes in the app and therefore less users seeing the promoted accounts and tweets…which means potentially less revenue for the company.  On the other hand, Twitter is doing some things right and we explain what those are.  Is Jack Dorsey the CEO to turn the social-media ship in the right direction?  You decide.

$4.4 Million for Every Day He’s Been Alive

Did you know that per-day income is now a tracked and analyzed statistic in business?  It’s true and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made $4.4 million a day since he was born!  The CEO billionaire’s estimated fortune is $51.8 billion, obviously making him in very elite company.  That’s a ton of cash.  To compare, Bill Gates made $3.2 million per-day but he is also almost twice the age of Zuckerberg.  In contrast to the Twitter news we covered, Facebook is doing everything right and making tremendous strides in recruiting users, maintaining users, and adapting their feed to encourage return traffic.

Windows 10 Gets Infested With Ads

Microsoft is throwing an anniversary party for Windows 10!  But instead of receiving gifts, they are giving us gifts in the form of doubling the amount of promoted apps in the Anniversary Edition.  Not cool, right?  Currently, Windows 10 shows 5 promoted apps in the Start Menu and that will increase to 10 come late July.  The announcement is being taken very differently from those in IT and the personal computing space.  What do you think of the move Microsoft is making?  Is it a good business move and smart revenue capturing decision, or should we not see promoted apps if we’ve paid for the anniversary edition?

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