Vacation Tech Talk

On Episode 535 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into some technology news that you need to hear about. During a recent vacation, we learned about some unique regional technology trends happening in various states. In a funny yet bizarre petition, thousands are signing an online action to ban Jeff Bezos from returning to Earth after the Blue Origin virgin flight. The Microsoft event in which we anticipate Windows 11 to be displayed is happening this week. Several Texas residents experienced a change in their thermostat settings as it was learned that a company is remotely raising temperatures after residents entered into a promotional event. Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the world wide web, is selling the original 10,000 lines of source code as an NFT in an upcoming auction.

Vacation Tech Talk

When we travel for vacation, we are always on the lookout for tech related things to chat about. On a recent trip to Virginia and North Carolina, we witnessed airline carriers making a profit off one-time use wired earbuds (thanks for users’ growth in wireless items) and witnessed a passenage fashion a cell phone holder out of an airline sickness bag. In talking with the locals, we learned that North Carolina is centered on tech offices, startups, and main offices while South Carolina prides itself on tech manufacturing in the auto, aerospace, airline, and textile industries.

Petition to Leave Bezos in Space

In what started out as funny petitions to ban Jeff Bezos from returning to Earth after next month’s Blue Origin mission, the online mechanism has erupted in garnishing nearly 100,000 signatures! What a strange thing the Internet has turned into that such things can gain traction and make headlines.

Windows 11 Event is Coming

June 24, 2021 at 11:00 AM EST is the time when we get to see behind the curtain and see what is in store for users of Microsoft’s operating system. Join the event as they live broadcast what is coming next for Windows. Some photos have been leaked online and can be found be searching #MicrosoftEvent, but we shall wait to share our opinions of the new user experience until the true reveal.

Texas Power Companies Raise Temperatures

When users signed up for an energy promotion or sweepstakes, the last thing they thought was that they would be relinquishing some control of their temperature controls. In some pretty shocking news and thanks to some quick reporting, it was learned that EnergyHub is now remotely monitoring and altering temperatures of households’ thermostats during peak hours of energy use. Within the 15 pages of terms and conditions it stated, “The agreement states that in exchange for an entry into sweepstakes, electric customers grant permission for the program’s operator, EnergyHub, to control their thermostats during periods of high energy demand.

The Web’s Original Source Code

In some NFT news worth sharing, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Rosemary Leith (wife) are auctioning off the world wide web’s original source code as an NFT. The source, with original date and time stamped files, consists of nearly 10,000 lines of code and original HTML documents. What a moment of digital history to own! The item will also include a 30-minute video of the code being written and a digital signature from Berners-Lee himself.


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Power Companies Remotely Raise Temps

NFT for the Web’s Source Code

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