Verizon 5G Goes Live, Project xCloud by Microsoft and California Net Neutrality

On Episode 418 of The Waves of Tech, we are back after a two week break and are spanning the technological globe!  Verizon promised and has began delivering in-home 5G internet service to 4 select cities as the next development in home and mobile delivery is set to take center stage.  Microsoft is looking to revolutionize the gaming industry with Project xCloud, a new concept that will be bringing the XBox gaming ecosystem to the mobile and tablet industries in 2019.  The federal government is suing the State of California over their recent open internet protection bill (net neutrality) in what will become an epic court battle. And finally, we discuss the roles we have to play in today’s world in order to protect our data and information.  The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

A Celebration of Podcasts on September 30

In case you missed it, the 5th annual International Podcast Day was on September 29-30.  We put together a 30-hour live streaming event featuring podcasters from 16 countries. The day was celebrated around the world and thousands took to social media to share their favorite podcasts.  The international growth is incredible!

5G Home Service Goes Live in LA, Sacramento, Houston, Indy

Last year, Verizon announced plans to go live with 5G in strategic locations in the United States.  They made good on that promise as 5G is now alive and well starting October 1. According to the internet provider, customers will be able to access Wi-Fi speeds around 300 mbps and peak speeds up to 1 Gbps.  This is definitely going to change to home internet speed game.

  • Fees range – $50/month for Verizon customers, $70 for non-Verizon customers
  • Only home service is available at the moment, and installations happening now
  • AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint are building out their infrastructure to support mobile 5G
  • Hardware makers are busy developing 5G smartphones to support the move

Project xCloud to Change the Gaming Industry?

At E3 Microsoft made a major announcement that was set to, in some ways, change the gaming industry in the future.  Gamers have historically been locked down, secluded to their rooms by their systems and gaming purchases. Project xCloud is set to move the XBox gaming platform to mobile, tablet, and wireless devices everywhere.  Truly exciting times for gaming!

  • Microsoft is using their Azure data centers for connectivity and streaming
  • Bluetooth technology allows XBox controllers to be used, optional screen controls
  • Latency and delivery are key, delays in graphics and timing are dangerously important
  • Home and mobile 5G service plays an intricate role in the future success of xCloud

California Signs Net Neutrality Law, Federal Government Sues

Last week California state Governor Jerry Brown signed a net neutrality bill to restore open internet protections, once again bringing the debate front and center into the public eye.  The federal government responded quickly with a lawsuit to block the implementation of the new law citing that California cannot legal regulate interstate commerce. Oh boy, here we go.

  • Millions of Americans have voiced strong support for open internet, net neutrality rules
  • California is home to countless startups, tech giants, and 40 million of consumers
  • The power struggle between what consumers want and what ISPs provides is extreme
  • No nationwide framework has been establishes, causing states to enact own legislation

IT’s Role and Our Role are Interconnected

In a technological world where information is freely shared, hackers are winning some of the battles, and sensitive data is collected, there are clear roles for all of us to play.  Our role as consumers is to practice safe surfing, create secure passwords, and utilize virus protection. IT professionals are here to secure infrastructure, provide expert opinion, troubleshoot, and more.

  • We all have obligations to do our part to protect and secure our personal data
  • The blame should not be shouldered by consumers or IT professionals alone
  • Develop a relationship with your IT staff, adhere to their advice, share the knowledge
  • Change your passwords, use two-factor authentication, update hardware

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