Verizon 5G Rollout And Apple Original Programming

First, we dissect the issues Verizon is having with their 5G rollout in Chicago and share what the impact could be if they do not figure the technology out sooner than later. Second, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show is back in Las Vegas. The event is packed with plenty to discuss as we have witnessed major shifts over the last decade in the broadcasting scene. Lastly, Apple’s long awaiting spin into the entertainment side of the business has occurred with the announcement of Apple TV+. Time will tell as to whether their new original programming is embraced by the loyal users and if new users are willing to pay.

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Chicago’s 5G Not Holding up as Promised

Verizon rolled out 5G service last week in select markets – the chosen cities included Chicago and Minneapolis. Various CNET reviewers are finding that staying connected to 5G is anything but easy, with many struggling to maintain high download speeds throughout the city streets. Verizon showed speeds of 762Mbps, but conveniently announced that next to a 5G tower.

  • One reviewer showed speeds ranging from 410-573Mbps and uploads of 10-29Mbps
  • One showed 200Mbps and reported the phone professed to be on 5G but acted like 4G
  • Verizon engineers are working on fixing dead zones, dropped areas, and voids
  • 5G rollout could spell trouble for Verizon if not deemed reliable to their users

NAB Show in Las Vegas

Right now in the city of lights in the Nevada desert, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show is taking place. Over the past 10 years, the landscape, the technology, and the delivery of broadcasting has evolved. Just consider the surge of YouTube, live social media, and podcasting. A great event focused on what’s new and a discussion of what’s to come.

  • Sessions focus on monetization, audience growth, advertising, collaboration
  • Many industries are represented as broadcast has shifted from traditional means
  • NAB is a great opportunity to hear from executives and producers in broadcasting
  • Tech leaders are attended, learning and sharing the latest in innovation and tech

Apple’s Jump into Entertainment

A few weeks ago, Apple help their annual announcement event. New services disclosed included News+, a subscription service for Apple News, and Apple TV+, a no-ad subscription service exclusively for the TV app. They made a splash with appearances from Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg. With a host of new shows set for release, will it prove intriguing enough to capture to wallets and purses of the Apple fanatics and moreover the non-Apple consumer.

  • Apple is diving into a heavily crowded, competitive space as they expand services
  • Their original programming in the past was anything but popular, nearly laughable
  • This is the new venture into producing rather than redistributing original content
  • The shows will vary – comedy, childrens, documentary, sci-fi, music, post-apocalyptic

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