Vimeo’s Position In The Industry And Digital Taxes On Tech

On Episode 459 of the Waves of Tech, we are sharing another round of tech grab bag news items and stories. Vimeo is beginning to solidify their position as a video partner in the industry by providing resources, tools, and software for businesses to create and manage their own video strategy. Starman is back in the news as the driver of the Tesla orbital vehicle has completed its first complete orbit around the sun. The 3% digital tax the French government has levied on big tech is taking effect, yet the sellers and consumers of Amazon are now absorbing those fees. Wearable data and personal fitness trackers are all the craze, but we are learning that physicians and medical professionals are not overly thrilled about data dumping. Amazon Lockers, which most have not heard of, provide a safe and unique method for consumer goods delivery and pickup.

Vimeo Taking up Position in Industry

The name Vimeo may have dropped off your radar the past few years, but the software as a service company is making a name for itself. At the helm, Vimeo’s CEO Anjali Sud really wants consumers to know that the video company is no longer positioning themselves as a competitor to YouTube. In fact, they serve a very distinct difference in the video space.

  • Vimeo offers up to creators the ability to focus on building a video strategy
  • The subscriber based continues to grow thanks to their tools and services
  • Building a successful video strategy is key to the success of many companies today
  • Vimeo is ideal for small to medium sized businesses looking for production options

SpaceX’s Starman Circling Back in the News

Almost two years ago, SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy Rocket into orbit with a tiny first of its kind payload – Starman driving a Tesla. Now that Starman has been in orbit for nearly 600 days, it was confirmed that the space traveler has finally completed a complete and full orbit around the sun. It’s still pretty amazing to think about.

  • Starman has travelled over 762 million miles in space, not too bad for one driver
  • The next time Roadster will get close to the Earth will be November 5, 2020
  • After November, the next approach will be in 2047 according to Where is Roadster
  • Space tracking and orbital timing is pretty incredible when you think about it

Amazon Passing the Bucks from French Tax

We learned after the French government implemented a new 3% digital tax on some of the largest technology companies operating in their country that there was immediate backlash from the United States government and industry groups. We now have learned that Amazon is simply shifting that 3% increase to sellers and of course eventually the consumers.

  • Sellers of goods on Amazon in French are seeing between .5-3% increase in fees
  • This will predominantly hit the small business owners square in the profit lines
  • Amazon is not willing to absorb any of the French tax, finding another way out again
  • Amazon pays less tax than large bakeries and cheese producers in French

Is Wearable Data Useful to Medical Professionals?

As wearable fitness tracking continue to grow in popularity and demand, more and more doctors and related medical professionals are less and less inclined to use the data to make a valid medical decision. Outside of the few astounding cases of life saving emergencies for persons, accuracy is a major concern in most cases.

  • There are now large scale, peer reviewed studies validating use of wearable data
  • For personal health, fitness, and empowerment, it works perfect for users of wearables
  • Doctors do not have time to integrate and streamline millions of fitness data points

Amazon Lockers, New to Some

Sometimes we forget just how much Amazon offers up to their customer base. We came across a service – Amazon Locker – that we had no idea was operational. In over 900 cities around the world, you can have your online order sent to a specific locker location for pickup. No extra charges, no gimmicks, no fear of losing packages, and no strings attached.

  • You do not need a Prime Membership to utilize these convenient locker locations
  • Take your time picking up as you have 3 business days to grab your delivery
  • There are a few restrictions on the service like the item’s size and weight
  • Perfect for full time RV-ers, campers, travellers, business flyers, and vacationers


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