Walmart E-Commerce and Facebook Clickbait Issues

jet-comOn Episode 319 of The Waves of Tech, WalMart makes a $3 billion bid for as they position themselves to compete heavily with Amazon in the e-commerce industry.  The Rio 2016 Olympics are here and we provide the variety of ways to consume the events, which is always a heated debate.  Facebook has a major clickbait issue and are building a system to eliminate clickbait-y items from your News Feed.  Google has completely mapped The Himalayas and has a fun app called Verne that allows you to explore the famous mountainous region.  Finally, technology has its pitfalls and all you need to do is ask Delta about their recent woes.  Thanks for tuning in and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Walmart May Spend $3 Billion to Take On Amazon

WalMart has been looking to bolster their e-commerce business over the past few years.  The CEO recently stated that the company lags behind the competition in terms of e-commerce infrastructure and profit.  That has now changed with the acquisition of, a purchase valued at $3 billion.  With the world’s largest retailer buying a large e-commerce site, they hope to utilize their massive brick-and-mortar customer base and push them over to the discounted products offered by

How to watch the 2016 Rio Olympics

The Olympics are here!!  And yes, a debate is always over how the content is streamed, which events are shown in primetime, which events are available via the app, and what should be available for on-the-air consumption.  We dive into the debate and we sit on different sides of the fence.  Many cord cutters will not have access to the Olympic events but cable subscription customers have access via the NBC Sports App on iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Roku.  This is a story of the haves and the have nots today.

Facebook aims to limit clickbait issue

We all hate those clickbait headlines that muddle our social media accounts.  The headline is only meant to draw click and traffic to their site in an attempt to provide you worthless information and is a garbage marketing ploy.  Well, Facebook is building a system designed to monitor and eventually remove clickbait-y items from entering into your News Feed.  It’s a good move by Facebook, as clickbait is a growing problem and users are spending less time on the platform because of it.

Google Maps The Himalayas

Google continues to toy around with 3D mapping and mapping the world.  To date, they have done some incredible mapping with The Grand Canyon and The Eiffel Tower.  Their next big adventure is mapping The Himalayas.  They have created a fun app called Verne: The Himalayas, where you control a 500-foot tall yeti through The Himalayas and can explore the vast mountainous area.  Google has placed informational clues and tools throughout the app to add that educational element to the experience.  Find Verne in the Google Play store and start exploring The Himalayas tonight!

Technology has its pitfalls – Ask Delta

As great as technology is 99% of the time, it does come with it’s fair share of pitfalls – just ask Delta.  A major power outage at the main data center caused the airline giant to shut down all flights domestically and internationally.  This is estimated to be 6,000 flights, stranding passengers and family members across the states and overseas.  Technology is amazing when it works and not so convenient when it doesn’t.  The delay will have a domino effect over the next few days as Delta plays catch up.

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