Walmart Plus And Contactless Coke Dispensers

On Episode 497 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into a grab bag of technology topics for 40 minutes. The retail giant Walmart announced a new paid subscription service, Walmart Plus, centered on grocery and general merchandise expedited delivery. As the world moves to contactless technology to limit the spread of disease, Coca-Cola has introduced a software push to make soda dispensers contactless using your cell phone and QR codes. For flight simulator fans, the news of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020 release in August is creating heightened support and intrigue. Finally, a rare and minted condition Super Mario Bros. NES game went for a world record setting $114,000 at an international auctioning event.

Walmart Plus Revealed

News broke this week regarding Walmart’s plans to launch a new subscription service for $98/year. The service will include same-day delivery of groceries and general merchandise, plus discounts on fuel at Walmart gas stations and early access to product deals. Members can utilize the Scan & Go service that will allow check out in stores without waiting in line.

  • Additional benefits include access to a Walmart Plus branded credit card
  • Their new Express service will offer a two-hour delivery offering to members
  • Walmart continues to build their community focused approach to grocery service
  • Pricing is slightly below Amazon Prime’s membership fee of $119/year

Contactless Coke Dispensers

A growing trend in the hospitality industry is to utilize existing technology to limit the spread of the coronavirus to their employees and their customers. A number of companies have turned to contactless delivery and preparation. Coca-Cola is pushing a software update to 10,000 soda dispensers, allowing customers to fill cups via smartphone, QR codes, and menu options.

  • Test markets for this software took place in Atlanta through three major food outlets
  • Contactless methods are quickly becoming the norm for the food industry
  • Beverage dispensers have a host of others concerns, such as durability and function
  • Not sure of the ease of user experience when it comes to ease and practicality

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator Takes Off

There is now a date! The anticipated Flight Simulator 2020 from the Redmond, Washington based Microsoft is hitting the digital shelves August 18. The simulator will feature three editions – Standard Edition ($59.99), Deluxe Edition ($89.99), and Premium Deluxe Edition ($119.99). Be sure to check out the link below for technical specifications needed for the simulation.

  • Microsoft is promising the most detailed and realistic flight simulator ever released
  • Featuring dynamic weather conditions and modernized engine physics
  • Simulation software continues to grow in use for pilot and aircraft training scenarios
  • The release should quench the thirst of many simulator enthusiast

World Record Setting Video Game Sale

At the Heritage Auctions this week, a rare mint condition Super Mario Bros., featured from the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System release, sold for a record setting $114,000! According to records on the books by Heritage Auctions, it’s the most someone has ever paid for a video game. The gaming unit earned a 9.4, A+ rating, absolutely incredible for 35 years of age.

  • Super Mario Bros. was a trend setter in terms of future gaming capabilities
  • Not to be forgotten, the popular Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! managed to earn $50,400
  • The first sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 went for $38,400 during the same auction
  • Nostalgia has a price tag when it comes to vintage gaming units and it shows

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