Walmart Tablets And Canva Security Breach

On Episode 447 of the Waves of Tech, we are back after a quick week hiatus from recording. This week offers a wide variety of topics. Apple is now required by a U.K. consumer watchdog organization to warn and inform users about potential battery issues resulting from software updates. Walmart recently launched a new economical line of tablets, at the cost of $64-$99, that are perfect for home use and families. Canva suffered a security incident, but their amazing response to the situation is what is the talking point this time around. And, you can now pay for your AT&T bills using various forms of cryptocurrency.

Apple Forced to be Upfront About Battery Issues

If you recall, back in 2017 Apple pushed out a software update that severely hampered battery performance for several iPhone user. In turn, many users either considered or in fact did upgrade their phones thinking the phone had met its end of life. Turns out these consumer complaints made their way to the U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

  • The CMA & Apple has agreed to terms making Apple disclosure battery issues to users
  • Apple to provide accessible information about battery health & unexpected shutdowns
  • Guidance will be shared with iPhone users to maximize battery life and health
  • If Apple breaches commitments, the CMA said it may in turn take court action

Affordable, Low-Cost Tablets from Walmart

The folks from 9to5Google first reported seeing a low-cost, economical Android based tablet on the shelves of Walmart. The tablets are running Android 9, boast 2GB of RAM, 16GB storage, a rear- and front-facing camera, 800×1280 resolution, and battery life of 5.5 hours. With that said, the best news is the affordable price tag of $64, $79, and $99.

  • Walmart has the perfect consumer base to push out these made-for-home tablets
  • The mega-store fills a hole in the market for discounted, home-use tablets
  • A perfect purchase for children, web browsing, gaming, research at a good price
  • This may lead to Walmart bringing a tablet to rival the iPad in the near future

Canva Security Breach Response, and why it worked

We learned this week that Canva, the popular graphic design application, suffered a data breach on May 24. Unlike other companies that hide behind sharing details regarding the breach with their users, Canva sent two emails the next day with details, response, direction, and an FAQ page. Now that is how you handle a security breach, with transparency and speed.

  • Canva’s Head of Communications sent an email out Saturday morning with details
  • Subsequently, another email was sent out the same evening with additional notes
  • Response was direct and informative to both their technical and non-technical users
  • Canva was able to interrupt the hacker during an “in progress hack” which is unusual

Pay Your AT&T Bills with Cryptocurrency

Do you have some cryptocurrency sitting in your digital wallet? Do you have AT&T as a provide of internet, mobile, and cable? Then you are in luck because AT&T is now the first mobile provider to accept crypto payments. Despite the volatility of many forms of cryptocurrency, AT&T is betting on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Gemini USD, Paxos, and Circle’s US Dollar Coin.

  • Cryptocurrency is an adaptable method to serve their consumer base in a new market
  • Perhaps it could simply be a public relations stunt to just grab headlines for a few days
  • AT&T may be receiving only a fraction of total payment after processing and fees
  • No timeframe or testing period was defined, hinting at a long-term commitment here

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