WalMart’s Online Presence and Uber Partnership

Wal-Mart AppOn Episode 311 of The Waves of Tech, we dive deep into some interesting topics.  We share a positive Ticketmaster customer service experience through the use of their online chat function.  WalMart boosts their online presence through the introduction of their online grocery delivery service with a partnership with Uber, their WalMart Pay app, and statements from their CEO regarding the future of online retail.  We also talk about a company we often do not discuss and that is eBay.  eBay is making some very smart and insightful business decisions that may surprise you.  And finally, the former Verizon “Can you hear me now?” guy has jumped ship to Sprint!  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Ticketmaster Online Help – A Good Customer Service Story!

The ticketing industry has changed drastically over the past 5-10 years, with several host and third party sites dominating the space.  Remember the days of standing in line at the local music store or box office to purchase music or sporting event tickets?  It’s no longer like that.  Recently, Dave purchased tickets via Ticketmaster and shares his surprisingly pleasant customer service experience through the use of their online customer service chat function.

Wal-Mart boosts online sales goal and Teams with Uber, Lyft, Deliv

Retail is a revolving door of changes with companies trying to balance to amount of resources to dedicate to online versus in-store experience.  WalMart, typically not the name you think of in the tech industry, is diving into the online grocery delivery business and partnering with Uber for that service.  The CEO has stated that the company is in process of reimagining the retail business and that includes beefing up their online infrastructure and targeting specific demographics that want to utilize online grocery delivery.  The Uber partnership will cost a customer an estimated $7-10 per delivery.

A Little eBay talk; CEO comments

eBay – the company that many don’t talk about but a company has several amazing things going for them.  The CEO was recently quoted as saying that a better eBay experience is better than becoming a mere image of Amazon.  We totally agree with the statement.  Little may some know, eBay struck a new deal and purchased Ticketbis – an international ticketing marketplace.  eBay also owns StubHub.  With those company assets, eBay can provide targeted ticketed marketing to users and also entice outsiders to enter their ecosystem.

Sprint Steals ‘Verizon Guy’ for Latest Ad Campaign

We love a good twist plot in the mobile industry.  The mobile industry continues to be at each other’s throats, with commercial after commercial slamming and destroying the merits of the other’s reliability, infrastructure, and cost structure.  In an awesome twist, the former Verizon guy that started the “Can you hear me now?” craze has jumped ship to Sprint.  The new catch phrase from him touting Sprint’s reliability and lower service cost is “Can you hear that?”

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