Washington Post New Owner and Experiencing Breaking News

Episode 190 of The Waves of Tech is here.  Steve and Dave are back at it again talking tech.  This week, they enter into a discussion about Jeff Bezos’ purchase of The Washington Post and what they may mean for the company, traditional print media, and the digital presence of the paper.  Dave retells a personal account of experiencing breaking news and how that event developed through social media and real eyewitnesses.

Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post

The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, bought The Washington Post’s publishing side for $250 million.  He will assume executive status in less than 60 days and try to improve the company’s operating revenue that has continued to decline over 44% in the past 6 years.  The announcement was a bit of a surprise to many in the industry.  But, Mr. Bezos does have roots in traditional print media, has a high priced value on responsible journalism, and created a frontier in the way purchases are made online through Amazon.com.  Many of these leadership qualities will prove beneficial as he travels from the west coast to the east coast, looking to turn an otherwise failing company into a print media giant.

Experiencing Breaking News: PG&E Plant Demolition in Bakersfield

For those that haven’t heard the news, PG&E and Bakersfield made national news when a controlled demolition of some old power plant towers went sideways resulting in significant injuries to one bystander and injuring other persons and property. Dave was on scene of the demolition to experience this historical event.  Unknowingly, tragedy and injury was a mere thousand feet away and lives were changed.  Join as Dave tells a story of history, tragedy, and how technology (news, media, social media) played a role in this event.


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