Video gaming, Overcharged customers, and the Gate’s

Video gaming, Overcharged customers, Home movies and the Gate’s.

Show Notes

1.The Video Gaming Industry: Nintendo vs. Playstation vs. iPad vs. Zynga

Nintendo to Miss Holiday Season
Nintendo’s highly anticipated 3D handheld video game machine (3DS) will miss the holiday shopping season in the US. Compound this announcement with declining sales of Wii console games and Nintendo has growing concern.

PlayStation Move
PlayStation obviously sees an opportunity to cash in on the motion sensor video gaming industry. PS recently introduced Move in a $100 bundle for those who already own a PS3 or $400 for a new system and the bundle.

iPad and Zynga
Target has begun selling the popular tablet in their stores with hopes of driving holiday traffic into Target stores. Amazon is now selling the iPad as well. Zynga continues to make progress with games such as Farmville and tremendous gift card sales.

2. Verizon To Pay Out $90 Million for Overcharging Customers

15 million Verizon Wireless users will see refunds of $2-$6 on their October or November statements. The FCC has received several complaints about mysterious charges regarding data usage or Internet access. The refund is one of the largest from a telecommunications company. Click here for a link on avoiding bogus mobile phone fees.

3. $30 for a new release movie at home? Studios think you’ll pay

The home entertainment business continues to reach new heights. The major movie studios are considering a deal that would place box-office hits in the home between the theater release date and the typical on-demand period. Is this $30 investment worth it for you? Does it fit your lifestyle?

4. Bill and Melinda Gates: $60 Billion Donation

The question is not “What would you do with $1 million?” The real question is “What would you do with $60 billion?” Listen in to hear what Bill and Melinda have decided to do with their amassed fortune. This is an amazing story folks.


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