Blog World Recap and New Apple Releases

Blog World recap, New Apple releases and non-profit protection

Show Notes

1. TPN Weekly

Be sure to check out TPN Weekly this week. The Waves of Tech recorded TPN #76 and had a blast doing it! Education, space, consumer devices, and the future are just a few topics the crew discussed in this week’s episode. Let us know what you think of the show!

2. Steve’s BlogWorld Experience

Steve had an amazing experience of attending BlogWorld in Las Vegas. Next year, Dave and Mikee will definitely be joining him because Steve had a blast. Meeting some great personalities such as Grammar Girl and Calli Lewis was just the start of what Steve reports on. Add to that, the laundry list of keynote speakers and it made for a great weekend in the Nevada desert.

3.Today’s Apple keynote

Steve and Mikee provide a solid breakdown as it applies to Apple’s keynote presentations on Wednesday. Dave sits back and enjoys the conversation. Devices and items discussed include: FaceTime for the Mac, iLife ‘11, Mac OS X Lion, the Mac App Store, and the newly designed MacBook Air. Tune in to see if you need to pick any of these up or if you are considering upgrading some existing software.

4.Verizon to sell Samsung Tab for $599.99

Verizon is going to be selling the latest tablet device by Samsung. The upcoming Galaxy Tab will sell for $599 or $630. With Verizon already announcing plans to sell the iPad next year, it’s definitely a questionable move on Samsung and Verizon’s part. Another dimension is that the Galaxy Tab is running the Android OS, an OS Google has stated as not great for a tablet device.

5.Microsoft protects nonprofit orgs from anti-piracy take down

Microsoft continues its international philanthropic approach to conducting business. Microsoft is going to be providing free and legit software licenses to nonprofits that current use pirated software. Is this a good move for Microsoft? Is Microsoft doing this for the PR benefits? The crew brings up some interesting points about piracy and helping nonprofits out.

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