Time management, Macbook Air and Sony Walkman

Time management, Macbook Air, Sony Walkman and Android Market

Show Notes

1.Time Management Training Breakdown

I had the opportunity to attend a ‘Time Management’ training seminar. The instructor used a combination of approaches, some tech-based and some with more traditional methods. The Waves of Tech crew discusses some of the bigger time eaters when it comes to working and dealing with tech in the workplace. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know!

2. Playing with Macbook Air

Steve recently visited a local brick-and-mortar store to play around with the Macbook Air. With its sleek and light weight design, was it enough to push Steve into buying the latest Apple product? Steve tells all in this week’s breakdown.

3. Sony retires Walkman

With the original release date of July 1, 1979, Sony is throwing in the towel for the Sony Walkman. The Walkman owns a couple ‘firsts’ in the music industry – low cost musical device and portable music player. We toss around some personal stories about the Walkman and discuss its legacy in the music industry.

4. Android Market Reaches 100,000 Apps

Android fans rejoice!! Your Android market has reached a major milestone of 100,000 apps. Currently, the App Store for iOS is running about 300,00 apps. Don’t be fooled with the numbers game going on here…the garbage-to-gold ratio is about equivalent.

5. LimeWire goes sour, court orders immediate shut down
Per a recent court ruling, LimeWire has been shutdown. The ruling stated that LimeWire “intentionally encouraged direct infringement” the endorsing piracy. A brief legal notice prompt message appears on LimeWire’s site and will remain there until further action is taken.

6. iPhone bug discovered, bypass any lock screen
In the words of Mikee, “Keep your phone close to you” iOS 4.1 users. Someone has discovered a bug in the iOS that allows someone to bypass any locked screen and search contacts and more. Apple hasn’t released a statement regarding the bug but Waves of Tech believes the fix will come in the next upgrade.

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