Is Microsoft a dying brand?

Microsoft A dying brand?  Canesta, Silverlight and astronauts voting

Show Notes

1. Microsoft – A Dying Brand? Really?

David Goldman, staff writer for’s Money blog, recent ripped Microsoft and called the software giant “a dying consumer brand.” He points to “failures” in social media, web browsing, gaming, and mobile usage to support his claim. Listen in as the Crew discussed the role Microsoft plays in the tech world and our thoughts on Goldman’s article.

2. Microsoft Plans to Buy Canesta

Canesta is the rival company to PrimeSense, the company that designed the technology for Microsoft’s XBox Kinect. The recent purchase tells the Waves of Tech crew that changes may be coming in terms of gesture-recognition technology. Perhaps gesture/movement integration into PC, TV, cars, and cell phones is in the near future for Microsoft products.

3. Microsoft Shifts From Silverlight to HTML5

The shift from Silverlight to HTML5 has begun with Microsoft. You mean, no more Flash Player issues or other media player issues!?!? What are the benefits to the end-user such as you and I? Listen in as Steve breaks down the positives of HTML5 and what it means to you. The transition has started.

4. Election Day & Astronauts Vote From Space

Election Day was huge! The social media outlets went crazy on Tuesday. Plenty of people checked into polling stations, Tweeted that they voted, and updated their status on Facebook. In addition, last week, an astronaut checked into FourSquare and unlocked the ‘NASA Explorer’ Badge. Well, this week three astronauts voted from the International Space Station on Election Day.

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