SAT Online Prep and Blekko

There is a new kid on the block for search called Blekko. Are online SATs prep site a good thing? Google Mobile instant search and oh my MiFi and lovin it.

Show Notes

1. Blekko search engine

There is a new kid on the block! Competing with the likes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo may seem futile. Give a try. Blekko promotes that their searches remove loads of spam in their search results. It’s currently in Beta form. Give it a shot and you may find better results with Blekko.

2. Steve’s Stories Continue….Cell Phones

Steve continues his successful escapades with AT&T and cell phones (sarcasm galore here!). Tune in to hear his next horror story dealing with the cell phone industry. What’s a consumer to do with so many terms & conditions?

3. SATs Online is now offering SAT, ACT, GRE, and LSAT prep on the web now. With interactive chat, diagnostic writing tests, math equations, and so much more. Individual practice sessions are available with direct access to over 40 instructors employed by Grockit. For those parents looking for a cost-effective, community based educational software, check this out.

4. Google Instant Search for mobile

If you are a fan of Google’s Instant Search on the web, the option now is available for mobile usage. Instant search is now available on smartphones running Android 2.2 and iPhones and iPods using iOS 4.

5. Steve Ballmer cashes in

People take notice when you cash out $1.3 billion of your own company’s shares! Ballmer recently sold 12% of his ownership in company. Is this an opportunity for the Microsoft skeptics to talk about a future Ballmer departure? The Waves crew briefly discusses the big payout by Ballmer.

6. Virgin Mobile MiFi

Virgin Mobile MiFi is a great 3G device for Internet access for up to five devices.  You don’t need a contracts or monthly payments like other carriers.  For ten dollars you can get 100MB or for forty dollars unlimited bandwidth.  Only pay as you need your device.  Now this is the way mobile computing access should be.

7. Windown Phone 7 – Quick rundown
Windows Phone 7 has arrived in the US. With all their marketing, will the new mobile competitor make a splash in the market? Mikee provides a solid breakdown of WP7 via an Engadet review. What are consumers saying about WP7 and were the expectations set too high?

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