Silicon Valley Tour search, Mozilla F1, Silicon Valley Tour and the White Pages

Show Notes

1. retires search has decided to throw in the towel regarding their search engine side of business. has slowly dropped to only 3.7% of the search engine market, behind the likes of Bing, Yahoo, and Google. This leaves 130 employees in New Jersey and China without jobs and allows to focus on their core competency, their humanistic question-and-answer service.

2. Verizon seeks permission to stop delivering White Pages

Verizon is going to soon approach the D.C. Public Service Commission about eliminating the delivery of their White Pages service in the states of Virginia and Maryland. Verizon plans to distribute the White Pages via CD-ROM or print upon request. As residential landlines continue to decline from year to year, Verizon looks to phase out an outdated service and advance their profit margins.

3.  Mozilla’s New F1 add-on

Mozilla has introduced a browser extension, F1, that allows you to share links in a fast, fun, and easy way. Integrate your Twitter feed, GMail, and Facebook status within your browser, from any webpage. The add-on is clean and molds neatly into your browser. Try it out Firefox users and let us know how you like it!

4.  Silicon Valley tour

I made a round robin trip to visit Apple, Google, Facebook and the TWiT Network.  Be sure and listen in and find out what I have to say.

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