Windows 7, AT&T data plans, Mac remote access

Windows 7, AT&T data plans, Mac remote access, Windows threats, Disconnect of social media.

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Show Notes Episode 1

What is the Waves of Tech podcast: It’s not just another computer show, though computers are a large scale of the show. Intent is to explore technology and its impact into various areas like sports, entertainment, politics and life style.

Show Topics

Windows 7 RC1: Windows 7 Release candidate 1 has been released. Downloadable for anyone. Our testing has been a great experience. For more information see –

AT&T considering offering cheaper data service plans with tiered data structure approach.

Thank you to our sponsor listener questions:

Question from NeoGreen: What is the best tool to remote access from a Mac to a Windows server?

Answer: You can use the Mac version of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection application. Download free from Microsoft. A better solution is to use an open source application called CoRD located at

Question from Da NewBe: My friend has a re-occurring problem with a worm. She has had several “professionals” try to end her nightmare and the worm continues. Does she need to be worried about her accounts getting cracked? How does a person with little technical skills rid this problem?

Answer: Always be concerned regarding your private accounts and information. Consider running AVG free anti-virus and to combat malware. The best approach to protecting yourself is how you interface with your computer and the Internet. Here are some suggestions.

*  Always use Windows updates to patch security holes in the operating system
*  Don’t open unknown attachments
*  Don’t click on links in emails
*  Run up to date anti-virus software
*  When in doubt, format and re-install Windows

Site or tip of the show

An integral part of Windows is the Malicious Software Removal Tool. To scan your Windows machine, from a command prompt enter MRT and scan your system for threats.

Filehippo update checker. Ever wanted a method to update your PC easily? There are so many applications that you have as your “Core set of Apps” which often you may overlook. Filehippo’s update checker will updated installed applications with ease. Check it out at File Hippo by Robert D. Putman. How technology has increased the disconnect of social interfacing.

Next Episode

Discussions will include how the first down yellow line is created for television in football broadcasts and the introduction of the cyber-bullying bill.

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