Browser War, FlastFlip and SideWiki

Browser War, FlastFlip, SideWiki, Twitter security, Department of Education, Waves of Tech contest.

News, tips and information impacting your life through technology.

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Show Notes Episode 10

News Flash

*  Google acquires CAPTCHA
*  Microsoft Security Essentials will be released to the public in the coming weeks
*  Microsoft announces WebsiteSpark program

What’s New?
*  SideWiki
*  FastFlip
*  iPhone MMS available 25 September 2009


1. Back to School Tips from CA Department of Education: #8 in specific

2. Twitter cracks down on falsified accounts

3. Twitter DM Phishing Scam

Discussion of the Cast

Web Browsers: Differences? Personal Preference?  Browser Comparisons

Tip or Site of Interest

Steve: Fonolo

Mikee -Nick Belardes

Nate – 1up

Dave – Windows 7 for students

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