Sidekick Disaster and FCC Net Neutrality Rules

Sidekick disaster, FCC Net Neutrality Rules, New Apple product lineup, Searches crawling Twitter, and the Windows 7 launch.

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Show Notes Episode 12

What’s New in Tech!

*  T-Mobile Sidekick disaster

FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules, Now the Fight Begins

New Apple product lineup

21.5 and 27 inch iMac

Mac mini upgraded to include server version

Re-designed 13.3 inch White MacBook

Magic Mouse – Multi-touch

*  Google and Bing to crawl Twitter


Discussion of the Cast

Windows 7 launch

*  History of Windows

*  Listen to Steve Balmer’s opening remarking at the Win 7 launch in NY

*  Launch Party

*  Commercials

Mac sales

Apple will officially support Windows 7 in Boot Camp before end of year

Japan Windows 7 Whopper

Tip or Site of Interest

Steve: Windows 7 installation
Mikee: How to Geek
Dave: Charity Navigator

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