Top Ten Moments and Cell Phone Commercials

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Show Notes Episode 14

What’s New in Tech!

Discussion of the Cast

Sports and Technology:  Changes in the way we watch sports

  • What we now expect
  • Instant replay and slow motion
  • Umpires now under greater pressure
  • Where do you stop once you start?
  • Foul lines, strike zones, out-of-bounds

Changes in equipment: From cloth and leather to Carbohydrate Polymer

  • Golf – Woods, balls
  • Football – Helmets, shoes, gloves, shoulder pads
  • Baseball – Warm up weight, guard protectors, aluminum bats
  • Motor Sports – NASCAR COT
  • Motocross – Suspension and horsepower
  • Swim suits
  • Medical Advancements
  • Affects to records
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