Football 1st down virtual line, Cyberbully Bill

Football 1st down virtual line, Cyberbully Bill, Technology and product stewardship, Windows 7 should I wait? Listener questions

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Show Notes Episode 2
*  iTunes 8.2 and Quicktime 7.6.2 released
*  Microsoft to integrate Xbox with Facebook and Twitter
*  Microsoft Bing search engine released

Show Topics

I need a new home system. Should I purchase a system with Vista now or wait for Windows 7?

There are various factors and this is a personal question of necessity. If the current system is running extremely slow and cannot hold operations while running basic applications, purchase a new system. If you can wait and prefer the newer OS, then wait until October 15th. Keep in mind that Microsoft may offer a free upgrade to Windows 7 to those who buy systems between now and the 1st of the year. Another factor to consider is purchasing a laptop or netbook.

How the TV football virtual first down line works.

Special camera mounts are used provide realtime input to 3D modeling
*  The computer system consists of 4 SGI’s, one PC and three specialized which record camera movements
*  Computer feeds along with a virtual field of the game and viedo from the on-air camera imposes the line on to the programming video
*  Team consists of four individuals.  Spotter manually keys in first down spot.  Operator who keys in information from the spotter and two technicians.

Cyberbully Bill

Jail time for flamers

Cyber Bully Video

Thank you to our sponsor listener questions:

From:  jdaigleafm –  I’m a windows guy and have a friend with a mac that running very slow. I was going to see about adding ram… but have no clue on how to view how much ram is installed on a Mac. Can anyone let me know where to go in the system to check?

Answer:  Click on the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your desktop, and choose “About This Mac.”  It will be located there

From:  DesktopWorks – When logged in locally (Vista Business/XP Pro)there is no access to the mapped drive, as setup on the users server 2003 profile. And vise versa, when logged in to the network, there is no access to the Documents and Settings folder locally.

Answer:  Take ownership of the problematic folder and re-apply fresh permissions on it. – GPO: gpupdate. Using redirection. Permissions.

Discussion topic of the show

Technology & Going Green: Product Stewardship

Product stewardship means whoever designs, produces, sells, or uses a product takes responsibility for minimizing its environmental impact through all stages of the product’s life cycle.

The movement tries to change the way in which manufacturers and producers design, transport, and dispose of material.

Producer responsibility addresses multiple issues – solid waste, hazardous waste, resource depletion, stormwater, ocean litter, climate change, waste water, public health, and energy usage.

Consider the number of technological devices you, the viewer and hosts, use personally – cell phones, gaming systems, home computers, work computers, televisions, stereos, movie players, appliances, batteries, etc.

To date, 19 states have adopted “producer take back” laws requiring the manufacturers to pay for the collection and recycling of old products.
2003 California
2004 Maine
2005 Maryland
2006 Washington
2007 Connecticut, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas, North Carolina
2008 New Jersey, New York City, Oklahoma, Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Hawaii, Rhode Island Illinois, Michigan
2009 Indiana

Product Stewardship
Product Policy

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