Gaming and Violence

Gaming and Violence, Public involvement with CEO’s, Windows 7 pricing, Dell Mini 10

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Show Notes Episode 4

News Flash

Microsoft releases HOHM – to monitor your home’s power usage
Microsoft releases pre-buy Windows 7 packaging pricing
Mozilla Firefox 3.5 released

Show Topics

Windows 7 Pricing

Home Premium – $ 119.99 (Vista Launch price of $159.99)
Professional* – $ 199.99 (Vista launch price of $199.99)
Ultimate – $ 259.99 (Vista launch price of $259.99)

Full Retail:
Home Premium – $ 199.99 (Vista launch price $239.99)
Professional* – $ 299.99 (Vista launch price $299.99)
Ultimate – $ 319.99 (Vista launch price $399.99

Pre-Order Upgrades: Jun 26-Jul 11
Home Premium – $49.99
Professional – $99.99
Ultimate -Not Available

The Dell Mini 10

The good: 1) Perfect portable system for under $400. 2) The system is sleek looking. 3) The system is fast. Applications load quickly and programs download quickly. 4) Nice features – the  “dock.” Similar to quick launch. 5) Built-in webcam and microphone produce quality picture and sound. 6) Built in Wireless mini-card that picks up several wireless networks. Overall, a very usable and productive system that is portable, inexpensive, and beautiful.

The bad: 1) If you have slightly larger than average hand size, you may find the keyboard burdensome and painful to use. 2) Built in SmartPad (mouse pad) is extremely sensitive. 3) No built in CD-ROM drive.

Apple & Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is back as operating CEO for Apple, Inc. His return has questions swirling amongst tech guys/gals and investors as to his ability to perform at full capacity as the operating CEO. Jobs has effectively moved Apple into a category of its own – becoming the leading company in technological advancement, changing the face of technology, and changing the manner in which we each communicate. Jobs demonstrates leadership and vision.

1. Should Apple have disclosed the health issues directly effecting Jobs? Should this even be an issue? In terms of privacy, what should companies disclose or not disclose regarding CEO health concerns?

2. Personally, has an absence or actions of a CEO ever effected your decision to buy a piece of technology?
 Financially, does a CEO ever effect our decision to buy stock in a company?

Digital TV change over

Effective June 12 – First day 317,000 calls to FCC
What have the experiences been so far?
Programing on off channels (TNT, NASCAR, NFL etc.)


Gentleman.  Love the show and I have a question.  Are you aware of any services which could monitor my email server for outages?

Answer: Yes!  Free from is an email monitoring service which can send you alerts when issues are sensed.  Outage alerts can be sent via an alternate email address, text message or pager.  mxtoolbox can also monitor performance and blacklisting.  Check this tool out at

Discussion of the cast

Video Gaming

Whatever your experience with gaming has been, it is a worthwhile discussing the influence of video gaming technology on our society. The video gaming industry is a billion dollar enterprise that is widely used and persistent in all age groups and cultural circles. Games such as Grand Theft Auto and God of War have historically been under attack for excessive violence, guns, and killing. Several agencies and individuals are upset because younger audiences are getting these games (rental stores, piracy, store buys) regardless of rating systems.

The gaming industry has a seven tier system in place for rating games ( while movies have a five tier system ( and TV shows have a seven tier system. Many authors, newscasts, and individuals argue that the video gaming industry is deteriorating family, juvenile values, and causing excess violence.

On that note, Germany is currently working on banning the sale and production of violent video games.

1. Is there potential for this to occur in the US? Does this really address the core values associated with violence?
2. Do you think the current rating system effective? (Designed to inform parents and users to content)
3. Should movies, television shows, and other entertainment outlets be subject to the same regulation?
4. Will this create an underground system for illegal activity, sale, and production of violent games?
5. Shouldn’t parents dictate what children are playing and participating in? Parental control and involvement?
6. The key is education – find out for ourselves what ratings mean….

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Steve – Hulu

Dave – KGB

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