Google Chrome, iPhone Sales and Windows 8

This week on Waves of Tech:  Google Chrome, iPhone Sales, Google Me, Windows 8  and tech and the consumer.

Show Notes

1. Chrome overtakes Safari

What does this really mean to you?  We talk about how these stats are being gathered.  We believe you are going to use the browser that you like.  Do you feel that because Chrome has a gain that you will start switching over?  We don’t think so!

2. iPhone sales.  Disaster or success?

Apple and AT&T had major problems with the release of the new iPhone.  Pre-order mess up, security issues, nightmares for the consumer.  Do you believe the iPhone was a huge success at launch?  We discuss both sides of the isle.

3. Tech and the consumer

Are we experiencing tech overload?    Should you be required to offer up your personal information to companies when buying products from their stores?  Kmart requires a survey when paying with an ATM.  Has this gone too far?  Be sure to tune in and listen to Steve’s story on his trip to KMart and Guitar Center!

4.  Kindle review

Dave gives us a detailed review of his new Kindle.  Consensus is that the Kindle is the perfect hardware when reading digital books.  We discuss battery life, how well it reads in daylight and in the evening.  We also answer some questions about why not using your iPhone or other means of reading books on devices.  Don’t miss this review!

5. Rumor: Google to launch Facebook competitor called “Google Me”

There is a rumor that Google is ready to launch a Facebook “killer”.  Is Google too late for this?  Google Buzz really didn’t take much traffic from Twitter.  Do you feel Google has the users in mind?  At the Waves of Tech we believe this will not go very far.

6. Microsoft details early Windows 8 improvements to OEMs

Deatils are leaking about the new Windows 8 operating system.  Since Windows 7 has been out for over a year already Microsoft needs to make a move on the next OS.  Features of this new OS will include USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0.  Microsoft is also mapping out details on “Instant On PC’s”.  which will take the “POST” out of PC’s and allow the OS load faster than an previous Operating Systems.

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