Government websites and Blockbuster

In this week’s episode, the Waves of Tech crew discusses the new and improved State of California website and the talk continues with thoughts on Apple providing free cases to all iPhone 4 users. Twitter may have found a way to generate some revenue through their @earlybird account. Finally, a discussion on subscription streaming services and the next step Redbox is taking.

Show Notes

1. California Wins “Top Government Website” Award reviewed all fifty state websites to determine how each site applies web technology to serve its citizens. They called the California ( site “incredibly useful and usable.” So, how often do you visit your State’s website? Have you incorporated some RSS feeds into your daily news review? Do you find it useful? We discuss.

2. iPhone cases

Apple announced Friday they will provide a free case to all iPhone 4 users who purchase a phone prior to 30 September to correct for the antenna issue.  You can place an order later this week on the website.  You also have an option of returning the phone for a refund.

3. Twitter @earlybird

Twitter has designed a follow account to provide exclusive deals from the company’s advertising partners and other businesses. Will you follow?

4. Blockbuster out. Netflix, Redbox, and Hulu in.

The popularity of subscription streaming services continues to rise. Blockbuster has fallen far behind and now Netflix and Hulu control the market. But, what does Redbox have to say about that? We discuss Redbox’s next move.

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