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Show Notes Episode 5

News Flash

–  Google has announed their upcoming operating system “Chrome OS”

–  Apple to Build $1B Server Farm in North Carolina

–  Microsoft set to launch a music streaming service this month

–  Microsoft kicks off the Office 2010 Technical Preview


1. Cyberbully update – Update from Episode 2

A Missouri woman who was convicted of three misdemeanors for her role in an online harassment of a teenager who committed suicide has been provisionally acquitted. Federal District Judge George Wu provisionally threw out the convictions because Drew’s conviction on illegal access hinged on the fact that she violated MySpace’s Terms of Service by creating a false account. Creating a false account is not a criminal offense, and Judge Wu did not want to create a precedent that could be used to convict millions of other Internet users. Lori Drew was not directly charged with causing Megan’s death, but was instead indicted under the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

2. Apple iPhone 3GS: Current issues and what users can do to protect their investment and check out “Tech Talk” for an official blog posting and user tips.

3. Google Chrome OS


4. WebMD: Its purpose, its design, the side effects, the consequences. Check out the official blog post under “Lifesytles” on www.

Questions from Winforums

Question: newtech – I recently downloaded Google Chrome. It does not have a “Home” button on the toolbar. How do I add a “Home” button and designate a home page?

Answer: Google Chrome Home Button

Discussion of the Cast

Technology and Public Safety

1. Reverse 911 System: Information sent via email/text to cell phones to alert citizens of breaking crime activity within a given jurisdiction.

2. CNN: The trains that crashed on the Washington Metro depended on a 33-year-old automated control system widely used in cities across the United States, according to the American Public Transportation Association.

–  The Washington Metro has used an automated train control system since 1976

–  Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta also use a similar system

–  American Public Transportation Association: “What happened in Washington is rare”

–  Investigators found a problem in one of the track circuits that relay data to trains and are looking into why the computerized emergency system failed to prevent the accident. Officials say crash like D.C. Metro not likely in other cities.

3. Anomalies in on-board computerized controls have destabilized other A330 jets. Airbus sees no link between those cases and Flight 447.

The reason for the concern is that A330 series jets have recently experienced a number of potentially disastrous computer anomalies. In one case, erratic computer commands caused an A330 to suddenly pitch nose-down until the captain could regain control, according to a report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau .

Tip or Site of Interest

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