Roku review, Twitter mood swings, ISS space walk

In today’s show we discuss the Roku, Twitter mood swings, ISS space walk Android apps and content display overload.

Show Notes

1. Roku review

Steve provides a great review of his experience with the Roku device. The Roku instantly streams Netflix, MLB.TV, Pandora, Amazon Video, and much more through your TV. Is it difficult to setup? How easy does it work? Take a listen and find out!

2.Twitter study finds user mood swings

What can Twitter tell us about people’s moods throughout the day? Well, a lot to start with. A recent study finds the times in the day when people are at their happiest, saddest, and irritated. If this interests you, watch your Twitter stream for similar trends.

3. Would you pay for twitter?

This is a question worth asking yourself. Your answer may depend on how you “use” Twitter – personal use or business use. The crew shares their thoughts. Share your thoughts with us as well.

4. ISS Emergency space walk

The six-member International Space Station crew is gearing up to make two emergency space walks to repair two broken cooling systems. The crew members are in no immediate danger with the cooling system down.

5. Display OVERLOAD!

Images, graphics, and displays are very prominent on television stations now. Sports show, political shows, and talk show seem to have a limitless supply of them streaming at one time. Do you consider them a distraction or a nuisance?

6. Android Wallpaper App Stole Scores of Users’ Data, Sent it to China

Did you happen to download the Jackeey Wallpaper app from the Android market? If you did, your data has been collected and sold to China. The guys over at Lookout revealed this information during a presentation at Black Hat.


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