Cell phones and cancer, Thieves, Patch Tuesday and iPad

In today’s show we discuss Cell phones and cancer, Thieves, Patch Tuesday and iPad.

Show Notes

1. Cell phones and cancer research

INTERPHONE, a European Union funded research study, concluded their 5-year study on the relationship between cells phones and brain cancer. What conclusions did the research find? Should we be worried? Find out if there are clear answers to this question.

2.Thieves hate fuel-efficient cars

There are plenty of benefits to having a hybrid vehicle. Less emissions, lower gas cost, and saving Mother Nature. Well, have you ever thought about auto theft? Tune in to find out what we are talking about!

3. Microsoft sets record breaking Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is releasing a mega patch. The update contains 14 security bulletins and a record-tying 34 vulnerabilities in Office, Silverlight, IE, and Windows. Steve and Mike offer their insights. Dave sits back and listens. Finally, we briefly talk about the Windows 7 phone.

4. iPad review.  The iPad is a great content consumption device.  Don’t think it is a computer, because it’s not.  Where do you place it on your coffee table?  Listen and find out.

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