Best Buy shenanigans, Kmart, Blackberry App

Best Buy shenanigans, Kmart again, Blackberry app and Social Media Billions.

Show Notes

Is your mobile device always in reach?

  • Always on my person (58%)
  • Always within my vicinity (28%)
  • It’s a 50-50 split (11%)
  • I’m always having to look for it (3%)

The Waves of Tech crew quickly dissects the poll results. Thanks for your   participation everyone. We love the feedback and your willingness to help us out.

2. Blackberry Podcast App

Get free podcasts delivered directly to you with the BlackBerry Podcast app. Subscribe to your favorite podcasts or download new ones. Blackberry has designed a native app that is user based and friendly. Get it! It’s free and the Waves of Tech Media Network shows will be on there soon.

3.The shenanigans of Best Buy continue

What is Best Buy up to now!?!? To optimize or not to optimize using Best Buy services, that is the question. Relive Dave’s story of his recent visit to Best Buy in helping a co-worker pick out a new laptop. Broken manufacturer seals, “Inspected By Best Buy” stickers, and more Tom Foolery.

4. Kmart crap again

How many times have you answered a survey question before paying with your credit card at a store? Probably quite a few and probably without much thinking about it. Steve addresses the concerns about answering these questions and explains how data is being used to the business’ advantage.

5. Worldwide Advertising On Social Networks Estimated To Hit $3.3 Billion In 2010

We all know that advertising is big business worldwide. Social networks are estimated to bring in arounf $3.3 billion this year with an anticipated increase of 25% in 2011. Where do Myspace, Facebook, and social gaming sites fit into the equation. Listen in and follow the show note link here.

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