Grade betting, IT Morale and e-personation

Grade betting, RIAA, Intel, IT Morale and e-personation

Show Notes

1. Students Bet on Their Grades…ONLINE!

A new website allows for students to wager on their future grades for the upcoming semester. The potential of earning an extra $50 to $100 for getting a decent grade seems to be working for Would you place an online bet for your grades? Let us know.

2. Kmart followup letter

Steve provides a followup response from the KMART corporate office regarding his recent “situation” in the store. Did their response provide some answers to our burning questions? Did KMART do enough to bring Steve back to their store?

3. Cell Phones and FM chips? (RIAA)

The RIAA is at it again, but this time they are threatening a much bigger industry. RIAA is lobbying to require FM radio chips to be installed in all cell phones and mobile devices. The Waves of Tech believes the RIAA may be endorsing a course of action that is outdated and unwanted.

4. Intel acquires McAfee

How much and how valuable is McAfee? According to Intel, McAfee is worth about $7.68 billion. Intel says that the cyber threat landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, making this marriage of companies a must. So, what is on the horizon for this dynamic duo? Steve and Mikee break it down.

5. IT Morale

IT job satisfaction is at an all-time low. Many IT professionals work upwards of 70+ hours a week. What can be done to improve morale? What is causing the drop in morale? Mikee and Steve provide some great insight and explanation into the processes and inner workings of the IT field.

6. California moves to outlaw online “e-personation”

CA State Senator Joe Simitian has drafted new legislation about e-personation. Simitian says that the “old laws against fraud or defamation just aren’t cutting it anymore.” The bill awaits Governor Schwarzenegger’s signature. Listen in and check out the show notes link here for more details.

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