Social Networking For Seniors and Apple’s Announcements

Technology Leads Park Visitors Into Trouble, Social Networking For Seniors, and Apple’s Announcements.

Show Notes

1. Technology Leads Park Visitors Into Trouble

The National Park Service is experiencing a massive increase in search and rescue calls. Park visitors believe technology, such as cell phones and GPS devices, can be used anytime and without consequence. Visitors are placing themselves in dangerous situations with the assumption that technology will “save” them. We discuss some of the stories in Episode 55.

2. Social Networking Use Surging For Seniors

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project performed a study on the growth patterns associated with social networking and seniors. The study found that social networking has almost doubled among this population, growing from 22% to 42% over the past year.

3.Apple’s Announcements

Steve and Mikee provide a rundown of Apple’s announcements on Wednesday. With changes to iPods, Apple TV, and iTunes, what did Mikee and Steve like and dislike about the updated products? As expected, Mikee is honest with his assessment of Apple and what it does (or doesn’t) do for him.

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