Hi-Def TV Programming and Google Voice

Hi-Def TV programming, Google Voice, Competitive Industry of E-Books, Education and Technology

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Show Notes Episode 6
News Flash

–  Official Google Voice App Blocked from App Store
–  Sprint to Purchase Virgin Mobile USA
–  Financial Times confirms Apple ‘iTablet’ rumor


1. Hi-Def TV programming and paying more

2. Google Voice

3. Competitive Industry of E-Books: Amazon, B&N, Sony

4. E-Book readers: Kindle, Kindle DX, Sony E-Book reader

Question from Winforums

Question: There are many third party products to clean and enhance Windows performance.  I’m a new user to Mac, what is available to achieve these results on a Mac?

Answer:  The answer is you don’t need any.  There are third party tools available, but you don’t need to run them.  Mac’s don’t fragment nor have a registry which might require cleaning.  I would recommend however, and application removal tool like App Cleaner instead of draging the application to the trash.  This will ensure removal all associated files.  Otherwise, just let your Mac run its course.

Discussion of the Cast

Education and Technology

Digital Textbook Initiative in CA: Financial Impact, Learning Impact, Closes the Digital Divide gap, etc.

Digital Divide: Defined as those that have or do not have access to technology. When one uses technology, the quality and quantity of usage greatly matters. Government and business should address this cooperatively. This trend is noticeable in our own communities. Thoughts on what we (you, me, community, schools, govt, business) can do the decrease the gap that exists. Should this be of any great concern to us?

Tip or Item of Interest

Steve – Books by Don Tapscott:  Growing Up Digital:  The rise of the next generation (1996) and Grown up Digital:  How the next generation is changing your world (2008) Survival in a digital world:

Mikee –  Live Kick

Dave – Technology and Going Green

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