Emergency 911 Texting

Emergency 911 texting, Charging for online content, Web Loyalty, Social media and impacts to sports and military.

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Show Notes Episode 7 News Flash

–  Google CEO resigns from Apple’s Board of Directors
–  Skype in danger of being shut down
–  Facebook buys Friendfeed
–  Windows 7 now available on Technet and MSDN


Quick update Cyber Bully:

1. Emergency call centers welcome 911 texting option

2. Charging for online content: Is there a future in this?

3. Bug Found in Windows 7 RTM Build, Launch May be Delayed

–  Most systems have a single drive, with a single partition. On such a system, you will never see this issue.

4. Buy.com, Orbitz linked to controversial marketers: Webloyalty

Questions from Winforums

Question: Laura112: What is the best web statistic tool I can use on my website
Answer: Google Analytics

Discussion of the Cast

Social Media Networks vs Corporations vs Governments

Funny Quote:  “I don’t really have a Twitter policy,” Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels said. “I don’t know what it means; I don’t know what it is. I don’t know MyFace, Spacebook, Facebook stuff. I don’t know what that is either.”

NFL Teams struggle with policies on Twitter usage
Twitter Usage Policies: Is it necessary at this point?
Marines ban twitter, myspace, facebook over security issues
State Department and Department of Defense requests
Coke, Ford, Southwest: Using Twitter to Improve Public Relations

Tip or Site of Interest

Steve – Veterans History Project
Dave – Bing vs. Google

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